13 November 2010

"Never Waste a Whisper"

"Never waste a whisper." This was perhaps one of the most amusing--and concerning--quotes from the interview posted below with Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Church. In promotion of his latest book, The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God and Having the Guts to Respond, Bill Hybels shares his false teaching that God speaks to us in whispers. Haven't heard a whisper from God lately? Well, you must have ignored one in the past and now He's not going to talk to you!

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith and Pirate Christian Radio does a marvelous job of reviewing this interview given by Hybels. Pour a cup of coffee and take a listen. Just a warning, though, your head may explode as you wade deeper and deeper into Hybels' lies.

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  1. Sadly a church I attend(conservative Baptist?) has now become involved in "The Dream Center" which is affiliated with Joyce Meyer Ministries/Tommy Barnett. They are opening a new "prayer chapel" area inside a Conservative Baptist Church.With an ALL CHURCHES in the area Prayer-A-thon planned next week? And they have began a co-partnership with The Dream Center of Los Angeles; went there and was convinced to start another one in South Seattle. All based on giving money into This "Dream Center" satellite! My thinking that "charity" and engaging with false teachers is not The Great Commision that Jesus commanded. Preaching the Full Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. Now? We are becoming "church whisperers"! How do I present my disagreeing with this behavior?


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