05 November 2010

Everything is Possible with Rick Warren

Rick Warren truly is a talented man. He can rip Scripture out of context, twist it into a pretzel, preach a motivational gospel of works, and tickle the itchiest ears all in 90 seconds! Did you know there are 6 phases to your faith? Yes, I know that the Bible doesn't say that, but I'm sure that Rick will convince us that this is what God meant to say. What are the 6 phases? Well I guess you'll have to buy his new DVD to find out! I personally can't think of anything else I'd want to find under the Christmas tree this year. Oh wait...

I get to choose how much God blesses my life??? Did I hear that correctly? Oh yes, because I know that God is sitting in Heaven, wringing His hands each time I keep Him from blessing me---or each time I DO something that forces Him to bless me. This is how Rick Warren is teaching Matthew 9:29? How is it that God has not struck this heretic with lightning? Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus, before this wolf leads anymore ignorant lambs to the slaughter!


  1. It people hadn't jumped on his feel-good bandwagon of "Purpose Drivel" so many years ago, he wouldn't be where he is. No matter how many apologetics ministries sounded the alarm about that one, everyone bought into it. Even my church bought stacks of "Purpose Driven Life" to pass out. When I learned of it I raised a bit of cain about the faddishness of it, and that he misused Scripture, etc. Finally the book wasn't passed out any more, but there is still a stack in the office and a couple on the library shelf. So many sheep out there are easily misled.

  2. Warren is so profound in his teachings, sometimes I can hardly wrap my mind around them all. Such as a recent tweet of his, quoting Spielberg,"I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living." Steven Spielberg. Whoa there Nelly-deep.
    Speaking of Christmas, yes, what great timing for this wonderful message, that we can choose how much God blesses us! This is waaay better than the typical WOF message..Warren brings this to new heights, I like that- more for me.. since yes, I too can dream big, choose big-real big.
    (which by the way, have gone out and purchased a big stocking this year (now that I know what's possible, well not possible but certain), one of those 10 footers to hang up, knowing it will be cram packed with goodies...including this DVD, I have no doubt) Thanks for the tip. It's so comforting knowing that I'm the master of my own destiny. Whew, for a minute there, was on shaky ground, thinking God was.


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