17 November 2010

Don't You Forget It!

Over at the blog Dr. IBEX Ideas, my professor has been walking through the Psalms daily. It's provided some really wonderful devotions for me, and I particularly enjoyed his latest post on Psalm 103. So, as I always do when I find something that blesses me, I like to pass it along to my readers! Enjoy, and if you have a moment, stop on over to Dr. IBEX Ideas!
"Don't You Forget It!" - Psalm 103
There are no requests directed toward God is this psalm. It is all praise and a huge reminder to not forget His blessings, or as verse two calls them: “His benefits.” He focuses on three of those benefits in verses three to five and structures the psalm around them. They are forgiveness, redemption, and satisfaction. But first, let’s read the psalm and look for those three benefits. http://bit.ly/bC5IXY
Bless the Lord for Forgiveness (Ps.103:3,10-14). Notice how David mentions the blessing (Ps.103:3) and then elaborates on it later (Ps.103:10-14). Forgiveness is like relief when you are burdened (Ps.103:11-12), and reconciliation when you have hurt someone (Ps.103:13-14).
Bless the Lord for Redemption (Ps.103:4,6-9). God redeemed the nation from bondage and from the difficulties they faced on their journey to Canaan. He frees us that He might be our Master and care for us forever. When He crowns us, He transforms slaves into princes (Rom.5:17).
Bless the Lord for Satisfaction (Ps.103:5,15-18). Man is frail and temporary, but believers can enjoy “eternal youth” and spiritual renewal. David likens us to an old eagle who still soars upward with new strength because of the thermals that lift him (Isa.40:31).

You belong to the King who rules over everything (Ps.103:19)! The angels praise Him (Ps.103:20-22), so how much more should we praise who have experienced His benefits!
Oh, didn’t you hear? It’s not all about you! Now don’t you forget it!!

Wiersbe adds: “Just as God renews the face of the earth and brings it new life and beauty (Ps.104:30), so He can renew your life. It begins with a renewed mind (Rom.12:1-2) as the Spirit teaches you God’s Word (Eph.4:23; Col.3:l0). Wait before the Lord in worship, and He will renew strength (Isa.40:31). When you walk by faith, you have constant renewal in spite of the changes of life (2Cor.4:16-18).”

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  1. When I read Psalm 103 it makes me want to sing Fanny J. Crosby's, "To God be the Glory".
    When you walk with Jesus Christ, it is all about Him. We are His slaves, preferably a "radical slave", as I was taught in listening to one of John MacArthur's sermons. Maranatha!!!


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