31 October 2010

Update on Bob DeWaay

It's with a heavy heart that I post this update on Bob DeWaay. This is directly from the Twin City Fellowship website:
10/28/2010 — Update regarding Bob DeWaay:
We now have a clear picture regarding Bob DeWaay’s health issues. He has been diagnosed with Alcoholic Hepatitis. He is currently being treated and is making progress; the long-term effects to his health are yet unknown.

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Bob will no longer be a part of the leadership of Twin City Fellowship. Please keep Bob, his family, and Twin City Fellowship in your prayers.
Before you cast judgment, I urge you to pause and remember that no one, not even our spiritual leaders, is free from sin. We must remember that drinking in and of itself is not a sin, however drunkenness and addiction (whether it creates a "buzz" or not) is very much a sin that holds many people in bondage. Bob DeWaay has done much in the way of discernment for the church, and we are not to disregard his work or his teachings. Here we have a man who was trapped in secret sin for quite some time. We cannot judge the state of his salvation or faith. What we are to do is to pray for repentance and healing in this situation. It is reassuring to see that the church is taking the proper steps for church discipline. It is my understanding that the entire church was updated on this a week ago, and they have been working out the next steps since that time.

My prayers will be with Bob DeWaay and his family. I hope that yours will be as well.

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