27 October 2010

Peaceful Protestors Arrested

Most of you know that, for the most part, I prefer to stay away from strict political and social issues on this blog. But did you hear about this? Did this story make the evening news early in October when several Carleton University students were arrested for peacefully protesting abortion on campus? Their campus, might I add--these are tuition paying students who were denied their right to free speech simply because they were saying something that the university did not want to hear. I have no idea as to the state of the salvation of these students, but I think it would be gracious of us to add them to our prayer list. Watch the video below. I am amazed at how articulate the young lady is who took center stage and defended her rights. And at the risk of sounding like Tyra Banks...you go, girl!

HT: Carleton Lifeline (note, this website contains some graphic images as concerns abortion).


  1. I hope they sue the pants off the University. This is outrageous!

  2. I called the university presidents office and told him I hope they sue them for everything they are worth--and I'm from West Virginia.

  3. The censorship of these photos has occurred at other campuses in Trudeaupia besides Carleton. What I find most interesting is that no one denies the authenticity of the photos--they just don't like what they show.

  4. Jack, I'm not surprised that Carleton isn't an isolated case! So interesting, isn't it, that the people who want to live by supposed scientific fact (as regards evolution, etc) want to silence scientific fact when it doesn't conform to their agenda! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  5. Very bold of you, Anonymous! If only people would be as outraged and bold when it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is being silenced!


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