07 October 2010

A Faith Rooted in Certainty

At this very moment, I am realizing how wonderful it is that our faith is not one of pure emotion. I don't care how much the music makes you cry on Sunday, in the end, if all you really have to rely on is the swaying of your own emotional pendulum, then you're in big trouble.

Thank you all for your prayers this week. This afternoon, God answered them, and mine, by taking away my choice. The decision became such that, if I were to say "yes" it would have been nearly impossible to follow through, and so my choice by default must be "no." And I admit that I'm pretty bummed about it! That is why I am so relieved that my faith is not built upon emotion. Instead it is built on a firm and solid foundation--the knowledge that, in spite of what I feel or see right in front of me, I can still know that my God is sovereign and in control. I can still know that He is sitting on the throne, that He was not thrown for a loop today like I was, and that He knows far better than I why things happened the way they did. His ways truly are better than my ways and His thoughts far higher than mine...even if that is not what I feel at this moment. And even though, in this moment, I feel sad, angry, disappointed, and frustrated, I still know that He will work all things to His good and to His glory. And so in that I can rejoice.

Soli Deo Gloria

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