12 September 2010

The Quest for "More," Follow-Up

As a result of typing the quote found in my previous post, the following song has been stuck in my head all evening. This embodies everything that I dislike about contemporary worship music.

Has the mind-numbing repetition sent you into an altered state of consciousness yet? Did you notice that the name of Jesus wasn't proclaimed once in that song? It could be sung about anyone or anything. No matter, though, as long as it gave you shivers and tingles and made you raise your hand in the air. That's all this junk that's touted as "worship music" is good for. With all that emotion, it must be Christian, right?


  1. Thanks a lot for searing that tune in my mind today...I'm already way beyond the 8 required repetitions. Ugh!!!!!!

  2. Sorry about that, Mom. It was stuck in my head all night. I even fell asleep with it running through my brain! I figured I shouldn't be the only person suffering, that's why I decided to share. :-)

  3. I understand your comments on some of the praise songs, but I believe there are so many more serious issues within the church today. As far as this song..when it is with the video it is clear who it is speaking of..Repetious..yeah a bit much...

    Latest "new" thing?? Concern we might consider: Churches taking Christians into Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist temples to learn more about the religions..Problem: Removing shoes, putting on headress, not speaking of Jesus, esentially by appearance, paying homage to demonic, pagan god worship...What do you think ?

  4. Hi Dave,
    Yes, I think the interfaith attempts are particularly egregious and are an abomination to God. It just happens that this post wasn't addressing those things.

    On the contrary, though, I think things such as the praise music are just as serious. It is this watering down of the Gospel that has gotten us to a point where our churches think it's okay--necessary even--to gravitate toward the acceptance of other religions as valid. Songs like this in particular are using New Age thoughts, all conditioning the person to praise and worship someone--anyone. As for the video, well, that just happens to be the one I chose to use for this post. What if I had chosen one where it simply pictured someone with his hands lifted toward Heaven? Then who would he be singing to? Anyone. Anything. I think things such as the praise music need to be addressed, then, because it's part of the root that has allowed these other errors to come into the church. The more we "dumb down" the Gospel, the easier it is to write Jesus off completely, which is what we see happening.


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