02 September 2010

Peace Talks

I'm sure you're all aware that peace talks are happening today between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Interesting, isn't it, that Hurricane Earl is threatening the east coast at the same time that these talks are taking place in Washington D.C.?

Israel National News reports:

Netanyahu to Abu Mazen: "You're My Partner for Peace"

by Hillel Fendel
(Israelnationalnews.com) Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) are making last-minute preparations for the much-touted direct talks, set to begin at 5 PM Israel time (10 AM in Washington).
With so many weighty issues in the background, the foreground talks themselves are sometimes hard to make out. Looming behind the scenes are the two Palestinian terrorist attacks over the past two nights that claimed four lives and wounded two others, the fast-approaching end of the Jewish construction freeze in Judea and Samaria, and the threats by Abu Mazen to quit the talks if the freeze is not extended.
Netanyahu turned to Abu Mazen on Wednesday night and said, “You are my partner for peace.” He said he came to Washington to achieve “secure, durable peace for all sides,” not to play “a blame game” or “to find excuses.”
However, he emphasized, he would not make any concessions in terms of security. “Peace must provide security,” he said, and the “West Bank,” as he called it, must not become one that is dominated by terrorists, as occurred in Lebanon and Gaza. He said he is confident that peace is possible.
Read the entire report here.

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