10 September 2010

MacDonald's Motivational Tweets

I follow a lot of different pastors and leaders on Twitter. Most of those I follow are individuals I don't agree with theologically or doctrinally. It's a good way to stay in the Emergent loop. I also follow James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel and Walk in the Word. I used to attend Harvest Bible Chapel and left last Fall for various reasons. Without going into detail here, the church has a definite mega-church feel to it, and it is clearly being run as a business, not a church. The worship music is mostly praise choruses where the audience (sorry, can't call it a congregation) is afforded the opportunity to worship and sing about themselves for 30 minutes before the sermon. The reverence for God Almighty has rapidly declined in that church since I first began attending a couple of years ago. Perhaps the biggest reason I left, though, is because the sermons preached by Pastor James began to contradict themselves from one week to another and Scripture wasn't being correctly taught. Yet I continued to follow Pastor James on Twitter to keep up with Harvest and his ministry. Lately, though, I can barely tell the difference between his tweets and those of Rick Warren or Joyce Meyer or any other motivational speaker. I admit, there's nothing inherently wrong with these pithy sayings. But with so many people looking up to Pastor MacDonald as a great Bible teacher, it's disappointing to see that these "tweets"could have been sent by any of the "Christian" motivational speakers today. But I guess that's all part of the slide down the seeker-sensitive slope.


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  1. I'm not a tweeter and thank God He has kept me out of that ridiculous camp. I do understand though why you and some others get on board so that you can share with us just how mind-numbing the world is getting. Honestly, who in the world has time or even CARES about the "profound" thoughts that others have??? I used to LOVE to listen to James MacDonald. I encouraged others to do the same. No more....not ever since he returned from his cancer treatments. I don't know what they injected him with out there in California, but it has blossomed into a self-inflated ego that sticks out like a sore thumb. I think the real eye-opener was when he broadcast his mother's funeral. Anyway, seeing these thoughts that James seems to think will go down in history as profoundly valuable shows us just how self-centered our leaders...and most everyone in these Last Days, has become.


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