08 September 2010

It's Here! It's Here!

God is so good. After a less-than-desirable day at work, what could be better than arriving home to find a package from Grace to You? "It can't be," I thought. But it was...

(Forgive the flash!)
If you're on the Grace to You mailing list, then you (hopefully) received an offer for a free hardcover edition of this Bible. I only received my offer a few weeks ago and yet my Bible arrived today. It was just what I needed to perk me up this evening. Seems to me it might be the perfect excuse to start working on that exegetical paper on Ephesians!

I already have the MacArthur Study Bible in the NASB and I love it. I had no plans to purchase the ESV, but who can resist it when it's free? If you didn't receive the free offer because you weren't on the mailing list, but you're looking for a good study Bible, I highly recommend this one. The notes in this Bible are fantastic and now that they're paired up with the ESV, well, it's a practically perfect combination!

MacArthur ESV Study Bible from Crossway on Vimeo.

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  1. I have been on John MacArthur's mailing list for quite awhile and I am amazed of his generosity with books and inspiring CDs as well. I am looking forward to receiving his ESV Study Bible. MARANATHA!!!


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