16 September 2010

Dare to be a Daniel?

The Crosstalk Blog tells about the latest "Christian" marketing scheme for tweens:
Dare to be a Daniel – Get the Gear
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association announced today that it has a new website campaign for tweens. There are also new products for sale at DaretobeaDaniel.com. By clicking on the store button, you can get access to whatever you need to be a modern day Daniel. To help tweens be courageous and doctrinally sound, there’s the Dare to be a Daniel hoodie, available for $29.99. Hoodies are historically known to produce unheard of courage in the face of spiritual opposition. Don’t face the modern-day lions without one.
If the hoodie is beyond your tween budget, there’s always the Dare to be a Daniel brown lion t-shirt for $15.00. T-shirts won’t give you the spiritual boost that a hoodie will, but it’s the next best thing. Of course, the very best thing of all to provide strength of character and the tools to fight the evils of today is the Dare to be a Daniel stuffed lion, available for $9.95. If you can’t afford the stuffed lion, there’s always the Dare to be a Daniel flame bracelet for your wrist. It’s a dollar, and it’s better than nothing.
The programs continue to roll out nationwide. Another kit. Another series of books and manuals and DVD’s. Endless DVD’s to “train” and “equip” and make a huge impact on culture. But despite all of the countless marketing campaigns, stuffed animals, bracelets, scented candles, calendars, nose rings, bumper stickers, and breath mints with the latest slogan of the hour, things continue to worsen in the so-called church.
What will it take to preach the holy Word of God again in pulpits? When will big money ministries stop with the big money campaigns, conferences, satellite feeds, raves, seminars, conflabs, powwows, small groups, big groups and the whole tiresome array of events? When will Christians realize the utter futility of these schemes to ever accomplish lasting spiritual change? When will evangelicals give up on themselves and throw down their laptops at the cross? When?

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