Many of you know that I have endorsed BSF as a great Bible Study. I have attended for 7 years and have taught in the children’s program for three of the last years.
I stepped out of leadership this year for two reasons. 
Reason #1  – I wanted to serve more faithfully in my church.  I felt as though I had received great training from BSF but I felt absolutely no hesitation to pull out this year. The time was right.
Reason #2 – The BSF retreat in Portland was very interesting but when the dust settled I knew something was terribly wrong. Red flags had popped out during the first talk given by new executive director, Susie Rowan. Change was predicted and this is not bad in itself, because BSF is rather strict and holds its copyrighted lesson material, very close. As leaders we are able to wear slacks this year and this was nice, but this is what bothered me most. Ms. Rowan stood on stage and told us a story. A group of people from a Kansas City church had surrounded her to give her a blessing. They all laid hands on her and prayed in tongues over her. This is not biblical. I am pretty much a cessationist who believes God will still distribute spiritual gifts as He pleases, but the Bible teaches that one person speaks and the other interprets. So she was endorsing a form of charisma chaos. I wondered what was going to happen to the conservative teachings of BSF?
On the last day of our leaders meeting for the year, my fears were realized. We receive a magazine with recommended books to read during the break. On the list was a book by Dallas Willard, a known contemplative/emergent.  Also a verse was given from the apostate translation of the Bible, “The Message.”
I knew I had made the right decision, and that I was guided by the Lord’s hand. I may attend the new study of Isaiah which will start in September just to see how the lessons are put together.
I pray that you will find truth in God’s Word and use a good translation of the Bible. The KJV is always safe but there are other good versions. I no longer can recommend BSF until there is a retraction of the recommended book by Dallas Willard, until “The Message” is dropped as the Word of God and until Susie Rowan resigns as Executive Director of BSF…
There are good people still in this organization. I pray that their voices will be heard as witnesses to the light and truth.