21 August 2010

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Do you attend a church that is...not quite right? Are you there so that you can "be a light" and "make a difference?" How's that working for you? Often I hear the argument that individuals are remaining in their rapidly declining (doctrinally speaking), apostate churches with the hope and intent of "changing" that church. Yet the change never comes and they continue to warm the pew week after week. Now, the Bible does exhort the Christian to remain in Christian community, but are we to remain in a community that merely claims to be Christian and yet does not bear the fruit of the Gospel? Are we called to "be the light" in a spiritually dark church? Or is it our job to find a Biblically, doctrinally solid church so that we may continue to grow and learn in the faith? Todd Friel weighed in on this in the first few minutes of this Friday's podcast. Listen here.


  1. My view has always been to work with the leadership in an attempt to change/fix the problems. It that doesn't work, then make sure you tell as many as possible the reason for your departure so as not to be leaving them to the wolves, and then get out.

    We've done that with some churches in the past.

  2. That is exactly the approach I would take, Glenn. I think it is our responsibility to take our concerns to the leadership and if no change occurs, then we must leave, peacefully of course, and be honest about our reasons for leaving. Sadly, it seems there are fewer and fewer churches to go to once we've left those that are spiraling downward...


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