17 August 2010

Pray for...

Pray for Sam. Sam is from New Zealand. My mother and I met him on the plane this past weekend. He isn't saved but thanks to my mom (and the Holy Spirit!) he now knows more about prophecy and the soon return of Christ than he probably wanted to know! Sam was very obviously receptive to the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, so please pray that God lets that seed take root!

Pray for Jose'. He was one of the people cleaning our hotel room and my mom had a long chance to witness to him. Thanks to Grace Community Church, we were even able to leave some Spanish tracts for him by the end of the weekend!

Pray for Candy and her mother Penny. We met Candy at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. She acknowledged Jesus but just "can't believe" that every word of the Bible is true because "it's been translated by so many people." Yes, I was thankful for my Biblical studies background! Candy's mother, Penny, has breast cancer and is an agnostic. Penny's brother is a born-again Christian who is trying to work on both his mother and his sister.

Pray for Wendy and her mother Florence. We met Wendy in a small store in Simi Valley and she is a Christian. Her mother, Florence, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer (it is in her lungs) and she is refusing chemotherapy. After being raised in a Christian Scientist home, Florence has since been baptized, but pray that she is aware that her work of baptism won't save her, but that she will only obtain her salvation by grace through faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ. Pray also for Wendy to have boldness. There is a woman who frequently comes into her store and is a Buddhist of 20 years. This woman flatly refused the tract my mother handed her and clearly wanted nothing to do with Christ. We told her that Jesus was the only way, but she hastily exited the store. Pray that Wendy will boldly proclaim Christ to this woman.

Pray for Roger. He sat next to my mother on the return flight and is a Christian. I was sleeping (hey, don't judge!), but my mom gave him a prophecy tract to pass on to a nonbeliever.

Finally, pray for the youth group from a church in Cerritos, CA. These young kids were standing in the middle of the bustling Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA on a very busy Saturday afternoon. And they were holding signs that proclaimed the Truth. It doesn't get any better than this...it was so encouraging to see these young people unashamedly standing their ground! And the best part? The young man we spoke with actually knew the TRUE Gospel, not just the watered-down "Jesus loves you" warm & fuzzy Gospel, but the real Gospel about repentance and faith and salvation from the wrath of God. Yes, God is definitely using His children in Southern California!

It was certainly an eventful weekend! God has the most curious ways of putting just the right people in your path! Who did He place in your path today?

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