08 July 2010

Rick Warren Promoting More Me-Centered Mysticism

Over at the blog 5 Point Salt, Joel Taylor gives us a sneak peek into the book "Driven by Destiny" written by "Dr. V! The Destiny Doctor." The best part? Our beloved pastor goatherder Rick Warren has written the foreword to this book, thereby giving it his "America's Pastor" seal of approval. Taylor writes:
“America’s pastor” is at it again, promoting more me-centered everything. Yes, boys and girls, Rick Warren, the faucet of doctrinal folly has written the forward to one very interesting book written by the Rev. (no less) Dr. LaVerne Adams, or perhaps I should refer to her by her popular moniker “Dr. V! The Divine Destiny Doctor.” The good Doc is a self-proclaimed self-improvement specialist so it only seems natural that Rick Warren would write the forward doesn’t it?
You betcha.
The book, to be released 10-10-10 is entitled Driven by Destiny: 12 Secret Keys To Unlock Your Future.
The title alone, among other things, screams me-centered mysticism doesn’t it?
Read the rest of this article here. 

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