28 July 2010

PCUSA's Processional of Puppets

Below is a video of the opening processional for the PCUSA's General Assembly that met earlier this month. It shouldn't really surprise us that they've sunk to this level of ridiculousness. They've affirmed homosexuality, so it's all downhill from there.

I need some help here. If you know where Scripture tells of the early church dressing in costumes that resemble skunks and, even worse, pagan gods, please post a comment below with the reference. I'm guessing it must be in Acts, but I'm drawing a blank. Unbelievable. Is this supposed to be honoring the God of the universe and our Savior, Jesus Christ? Yikes.


  1. What I saw was certainly NOT a Christian festival. It was about as pagan as it gets. But PCUSA long ago left any semblance of the Christian faith behind. It is an apostate denomination celebrating all that is unholy: abortion, feminism, homosexuality, twisting God's Word to their own destruction.

  2. I can almost see tears streaming down Jesus Christ's face. These are man pleasers not God pleasers. Where is the reverence for Jehovah God?


  3. Yes, this was truly a revolting abomination to God and to Christ!


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