12 June 2010

Worry is Not a Trivial Sin

I am so thankful for a patient God because I know that He's been working on my "fret level" for years now! So often I can look at my circumstances and see His hand in my outlook, knowing that without God, I'd be an absolute wreck. But other times I go off on my own, as we all do, and find myself wandering in a sea of worry, even if only for an evening. After a bout of anxiety last night (which was beneficial only in that I found myself vacuuming and cleaning at 10:00 at night, leaving less work for this morning) I awoke to these words in one of my devotions:
"Worry is not a trivial sin because it strikes a blow both at God’s love and integrity. Worry declares our heavenly Father to be untrustworthy in His Word and His promises." -John MacArthur, Daily Readings from the Life of Christ
This isn't even a devotional that I read consistently, I just "happened" to come across it this morning (imagine that!). I often remind myself that worry is a sin, but seeing it written before me that "worry is not a trivial sin" offered a much needed reminder of God's sovereignty and provision. The rest of the devotion is a quick must-read and can be found here.

If we can trust God with our eternal salvation, how is that we do not always trust Him with the tiniest cares of our life? He is a big God, but never too big to see to the needs of His children.
"Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Matthew 6:34

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