25 June 2010

Evangelical Leaders Pushing Mysticism

From the Sola Sisters blog:

Crosstalk Interview: Evangelical Leaders Pushing Mysticism

Thank you to Ingrid Schlueter, host of Crosstalk America, for having me on her radio show today.

During the show, I briefly went over my own testimony of being mercifully saved out of New Age Spirituality (also called New Spirituality), only to find that the same mysticism I had once practiced was now coming into the church.

Mysticism has gone mainstream, and many of today's pastors are "speaking" the language of mysticism (Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Disciplines, Solitude and Silence, etc.), as well as selling books leading unwitting readers into occultic mystical practices- chiefly, mantra meditation.  Some of the more surprising names are well-respected leaders in evangelicalism today:

Dr. John Piper
Tim Keller
Matt Chandler
Mark Driscoll
Rick Warren

You can listen to the show in its entirety here.
If you have an hour, I think you'll find this episode of Crosstalk incredibly informative.

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