11 June 2010

Christianity Today Goes to the Movies

No, Christianity Apostasy Today did not review a family-friendly kids' movie. They decided to publish a review about Sex and the City 2. And the worst part is...they did not condemn it! Now, they didn't give the movie a favorable review, but it was not because of the wretched, filthy sin and worldliness of the movie. No, it was just because it wasn't entertaining enough! The author of the review, Camerin Courtney, writes:
"[F]or those of us who appreciated the TV series' and the first movie's ability to transcend the fashion and sex and touch on the deeper issues of culture and womanhood and relationships, this SATC installment is a disappointment."
My college roommate used to watch Sex and the City so I regrettably admit that I have seen it and it is in NO WAY a television show that a Christian should be watching, let alone "appreciating!" Unless of course you are more focused on the god of this world than you are on the True, and may I emphasize HOLY God.

Courtney continues,
"And I haven't even gotten to the morality of SATC2. It certainly doesn't line up with a Christian worldview, and I'm offended by the couple of sex scenes that seem included merely for shock value. But some people seem extra offended by the sexual content of these movies, when other films—with much more sexual content—barely trip the morality radar. I'm sure it has something to do with the word "sex" in the title and in perceptions of how that's played out in the film—despite the fact that monogamy and faithfulness really are the main goals for three of the four main characters."
This is about the only attempt in the article to condemn the starkly anti-Christian values of the 'SATC' franchise. I'd like to congratulate Camerin Courtney on her meager endeavor to rationalize the sin in this movie. Congratulations, Camerin, Satan would be proud.

The article ends with Courtney summarizing the biggest disappointments with this movie:
"I wanted to like this film. So often movies end with the coveted love or child or reunion, when so much of the interesting stuff of life happens next. With SATC2 we were supposed to get a peek at that "next." Instead we got a fanciful vacation and a fluffy version of female power. These characters and writers are capable of so much more. And that's perhaps the most frustrating thing of all."
Excuse me, did I read that correctly? You "wanted to like this film?" What Christian would "want" to like this film? I think we all know the answer to that question.

But the best (or the worst) part of this article was that it included discussion questions at the end. That's right, discussion questions about the movie Sex and the City 2. Thereby encouraging the magazine's supposedly Christian readers to go out and spend their money to see this movie and, in effect, spend two hours worshiping sin and Satan.

I'll end with this link to Plugged In's review of this movie. You'll note that they count "a dozen or so" misuses of the holy name of God. So not only does this movie applaud and encourage immorality, but it (not surprisingly) has no qualms about blaspheming God's name. Way to go, Christianity Today. You truly do represent what "Christianity" has become in today's world. Congratulations on your relevance.


  1. Why do you think we call the magazine, "Christianity Astray"?

    Worldly, emergent, ecumenical and liberal. The magazine is apostate.

  2. Oh, absolutely! Has it ever been truly Christian? Not as long as I've known about it! So sad that people will believe whatever they read in it just because it's allegedly Christian.

  3. You're right - I didn't like the magazine since I first read it 20 years ago - it was wishy-washy then and has only gotten worse. The only "Christian" magazine that I know that is more dangerous is "Charisma"


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