05 May 2010

The New Apostolic Reformation

I want to warn you that the video below is nothing short of creepy...and evil. This is the "fruit" of "apostle" Rick Joyner's Morningstar Ministries in Fort Mill, SC. As the article below states, Joyner was on the committee of this past Saturday's May Day 2010 event. He was joined by James Dobson, who is loved by many Christians, although I would argue that also shows a lack of discernment! Where has our discernment gone? Please also listen to the Monday episode of Crosstalk Radio that is linked to below and can also be heard here.

From Christian Research Net:
This disturbing footage was taken last year at “apostle” Rick Joyner’s church service. This allegedly is the “New Wave” or “New Breed” of Christianity. It is part and parcel of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Their aim is to take down demonic spirits in order to take back territories and institutions for Christ. After viewing this video it would appear that demonic spirits took over Rick Joyner’s church. Joyner was on the committee of the May Day 2010  event held last Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial. Leaders of the Christian Right, including James Dobson, partnered with “apostles” and “prophets” of NAR to pray for our nation. For more on this event see this post.  Also listen to Ingrid Schlueter and her guest Sarah Leslie of Discernment Ministries discuss the NAR cult.
Pure evil.


  1. James Dobson has never had good discernment. Why do you think he is into psychology and preaches self-esteem? Lack of discernment.

  2. I agree totally, Glenn. It saddens me that so many Christians trust and laud him. This is just one more example why turning to Dobson is also a lack of discernment!


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