08 April 2010

Reverend Barbie?

rev. barbieVery little surprises me anymore, but this news did. I was surprised that this didn't happen sooner! I first have to comment that I am at least glad that this isn't an official Barbie doll. Although, now that it's made headlines it may not take long for Mattel to start a whole new line of Religious Leader Barbies.

The Washington Post reports:
She's been a princess, a firefighter, a Marine and a ballerina. After years of soul-searching, Barbie has finally found her true vocation. Meet Rev. Barbie, a plastic Episcopal Priest.
Rev. Barbie, the creation of Rev. Julie Blake Fisher, an Episcopal priest in Kent, Ohio, has her own Facebook page and comes dressed in the latest trends in clergy-wear.
Rev. Barbie's timing, like her fashion sense, is impeccable. Lisa Miller's Newsweek cover story this week asks "What Would Mary Do?" and explores the current Catholic sex abuse scandal through the perspective of women. The article concludes that greater female involvement in the upper-echelons of the church could have led to a child-first response to the abuse.
What would Rev. Barbie do? And how would the church be different if real women could rule? (Read complete article here).
Well to answer that last question all one has to do is look at the state of any church that has dared to ordain a woman as its "pastor." By my unscientific and unofficial observations, churches who place women at the helm are deeply entrenched in a sinful, liberal, unBiblical gospel. You will rarely hear the true Christ of the Bible preached by a female "pastor." Instead you will hear a social gospel of love, unity, acceptance, tolerance, and peace. No mention of sin, of course, because that would be offensive. To hear what God has to say about women in the pulpit, one need only look at Paul's description of the qualifications of elders in his letter to Titus or of his words in 1 Timothy 2:12. These passages make it clear that women should not be ordained as pastors. While we cannot deny the important role of women in the church and in the Kingdom, even as teachers or proclaimers of the Truth, we also cannot deny that women were simply not chosen to be the heads of the churches.

So it seems that, even with more covering than her traditional Barbie counterparts, Episcopalian priest Barbie will continue to oppress young girls in sin just as many of Barbie's previous identities have done throughout the years.


  1. Every Episcopal girl ought to have one! So should girls in the ELCA, PCUSA, UMC, UCC, et al.

    You are correct - every church with a women in leadership positions is liberal in almost all their doctrine.

  2. Yes, women pastors serve one purpose: to keep me away from that particular church!

    I'm thinking that Episcopalian priest Barbie will probably take off with a counterpart for all liberal "Christian" denominations and perhaps will expand into other religions as well. Sadly, I can see "Rabbi Barbie" on the shelves alongside ELCA Pastrix Barbie and maybe even "Guru Barbie." *sigh*


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