26 April 2010

Monday Musings with Patricia King

It's Monday. And there's no better way to start the week than with a few, ahem...interesting...thoughts from Patricia King!
Um.............HUH???!!! All I can say is, if "Daddy God" ever comes "into my midst" and says, "play with me for awhile," I'm going to run in the other direction and start praying the name of Jesus!


  1. This is one reason many unbelievers think we are just plain "dingbats". Glory fireballs, glory mists, gem stones falling..etc. Jesus is our Lord, Savior, friend and brother but that doesn't mean He is our "BBQ buddy." He is our King , our God, and when we see Him someday we will bow, we will honor Him as He deserves to be honored.

  2. This woman never ceases to entertain....but sadly, there are real people who believe her false teaching. The Daddy God thing...didn't Beth Moore say something similar in one of her videos? If we see a mist hovering over Starbucks, we might assume that Beth and Patricia are having coffee together with someone...but I'm pretty sure it won't be God! Very scary.

  3. Yes, Carol, you're right. It's tragic that some people actually believe the blatant lies that come out of the mouths of false teachers like Patricia King. And you're also right about Beth Moore--she did say in one of her teachings that God told her in Starbucks one day, "let's play," and so she went to the zoo, apparently with God. I wonder if He had to pay for a ticket?

    I was just in Starbucks the other day and there were no "glory fireballs" flying around or "glory mists" hovering. But then, I am not so "blessed" as to be "anointed" as Beth Moore and Patricia King claim to be.


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