27 April 2010

The Driscoll Downward Spiral

Mark Driscoll can preach a great message overflowing with the conviction of the law and then present you with the glorious truth of the Gospel for redemption. I admit, I used to listen to his sermons weekly. That is, until I began to feel as though the person of Jesus Christ and His Word were being treated too irreverently for comfort. I have to say his "Peasant Princess" sermon series about the Song of Solomon basically ruined this biblical book for me with his rather graphic interpretation.  Lately, Driscoll has been cavorting with Rick Warren and the seeker-driven crowd at Warren's December conference, Radicalis, perhaps in a slow return back to his Emergent roots. His ministry website, The Resurgence, posted an article a few months ago about the benefits of and how to practice meditative prayer (the fact that this article is still obtainable tells me this is something Driscoll and his ministry continue to teach and encourage). So I think it's fair to say that Mark Driscoll is doing a fine job of assimilating to the culture and in aiding some of the deceptions that are silently and subtly infiltrating the Christian churches. And now, last week, Crosstalk Blog reported the following:
Mark Driscoll Church Plant Works with Hamas Front Group
Click here to listen to the prayer at Harambee Church in Renton, Washington back in March. The sound of the Islamic call to prayer echoed through this Mark Driscoll, Acts 29 Network church at an Interfaith event where participants dialogued about “Jesus.” Harambee Church was so proud of that Muslim call to prayer in their facilities that they posted it on their website. Both Islamic and Christian sides declared the event a “tremendous success.”
The event was coordinated with CAIR, a Hamas front group that has so many links to terrorist individuals, groups and countries that even the FBI will no longer work with them. See here.
So today we have so-called Christian churches working with terrorist-backed groups, allowing pagans to pray in their facilities and sitting around sharing about who THEY think Jesus is.
Mark Driscoll has been repeatedly warned about at this site and on the websites of other discernment ministries. The full fruit of his “ministry” is now showing.
Here is one more example why Christians must be seeking to hone their discernment skills through the study of God's Word and through prayer. With some of the decisions of trusted pastors of late, we are seeing why it is so crucial that each one of us be "testing the spirits" for ourselves, and not trusting our so-called "shepherds" to do it for us.

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