19 March 2010

Word of Faith - Heretical Belief System

Over at The Watchman's Bagpipes, Glenn Chatfield has provided his readers with an excellent overview and summary of the founding of the Word of Faith movement, as well as the basic tenets of this heretical belief system. I will highlight a few passages here, but please go to his site and read the article in its entirety.

The WOF movement (also known as “name it and claim it,” “health and wealth,” or “prosperity gospel”) has its historic origins in the charismatic movement of the early 20th century. From out of this movement arose many so-called “faith healers” who traveled around the country with their “crusades.”
Also contributing to the development of the Word of Faith teachings were the Latter-Rain movement under William Branham in the late 1940s and Pentecostal televangelism under Oral Roberts. But the recognized “father” of WOF is Kenneth E. Hagin (1917-2003), who developed Kenyon’s teachings “in light of the healing revivals of Branham and Roberts.” (Bowman, p.92)
Foundational Doctrine: While some teachers have even more bizarre ideas, these are the teachings that all seem to agree on.

1. We cannot know God by reason.
2. God has faith.
3. God has a body.
4. Being in the same class as God in being, we are actually little gods.
5. Dominion/Kingdom now theology.
6. The "born-again Jesus."
Glenn's article is not to be missed, as we all know someone who has been deceived by the likes of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, or the late Oral Roberts. Knowing some of the foundational beliefs of this movement will help you to better understand why these Word of Faith leaders and their followers live in such blindness.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. Most of the information for that article came from Robert Bowman's book, "Word Faith Controversy," which I highly recommend as a concise investigation of the WOF. Other information was derived from the other sources I cited as "for further reading."

    Another excellent resource is Robert Liichow's site, http://discernmentministriesinternational.wordpress.com/. His ministry is mostly about the WOF movement.


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