10 March 2010

Still More on Moore

I promise that I'm not trying to dig up more and more information on Beth Moore just to cause controversy. The truth is, she started popping up all over the place last week and this week, likely due to the release of her latest self-help endeavor, So Long, Insecurity. The embedded audio below is a segment from the Christian discernment radio show, Fighting for the Faith. Christian apologist Chris Rosebrough took one of Moore's latest  lectures and pitted it against Scripture to see how it would measure up. Now, I don't agree with Rosebrough on everything; we particularly differ in the area of eschatology. However, I respect him and his ministry greatly. When it comes to comparing what people are saying in the name of God against the Word of God, he does an excellent job! The segment is a bit lengthy, so grab your Bible, pour a cup of coffee, and take a listen:

Beth Moore's Dangerous Bible Twisting
I recently reviewed two segments of Beth Moore's "Bible teaching" on my radio program and I must admit I was bowled over by just how bad and dangerous her teaching really is. I know she's popular but this woman is NOT rightly handling God's word. Instead, she is twisting the scriptures to her own destruction and the destruction of her hearers.
Take a listen for yourself. Not only is this bad, its downright dangerous false teaching!

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