04 March 2010

Not Everyone "Gets It"

It has come to my attention that not everyone actually "gets" my humor. No, this isn't a new revelation to me, I just thought it worthy of acknowledgment this time. It's true, I have been blessed (or cursed depending upon your opinion) with a bit of a sarcastic, biting wit that some just don't find all that witty! Believe it or not, I do try to reign in this character flaw, but the written word requires a bit more diligence in this area! I realize that my words do not come across to the reader quite as tongue-in-cheek as I'm actually intending! Instead they are read as "mean" or "hurtful" or "maligning." Please know that it is never my intent to "attack" any person with my words. If I am addressing someone as "false" it is their teachings that I am taking issue with and the fact that they are compromising, misusing, or twisting the Word and Gospel of God. Yes, sometimes I will toss in my own sense of humor and, quite honestly, this is more for my sanity than for anything else. With the dreadful turn the church is taking it seems that if I do not laugh, or at least chuckle, I'll have no other option but to cry and grieve.

All that being said, my earlier post, More on Moore, once again caused a stir, as Beth Moore posts usually do! I can certainly count on Beth Moore for two things in this world:
  1. I can count on hearing more about her husband, Keith, than hearing solid Biblical teaching.
  2. I can count on someone, somewhere, getting upset over the fact that I spoke ill against the supposedly "anointed" Beth Moore.
Of particular consternation this time around was my comment about Beth's "God-hearing ears." If you or someone you know were offended by this comment let me apologize that my facetious intent didn't properly translate to the page (or the computer screen). However, this comment was made in regard to Moore's claims of extra-biblical, special revelations from God. I hope that I do not need to go into all of the reasons why this is such a dangerous and un-Scriptural claim. If I do, let me know and I'll begin preparing it as an article to post here later!

And so it is my intent to soften my sarcasm so as not to mislead the reader in my intent. I do wish to glorify God through my posts as I expose teachings that are false and contrary to His Word. And for you the reader, I welcome comments of all kinds, but as I have asked before, if you are going to refute my posts, please come armed with Scripture. If you are defending your Bible teacher, defend him or her with the Bible. Do not let your emotions overcome your reason. After all, if we are going to staunchly defend and follow a teacher, we must be willing to acknowledge the criticisms and examine them for ourselves! Do as the Bereans did, test every spirit, and remember that our enemy often disguises himself as an "angel of light."


  1. Julie - Carmel INMarch 5, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    I don't think you ever should apologize for defending the gospel of Jesus Christ! The only we should ever preach is Jesus and the good news of his salvation. You go girl!!!

  2. Thank you, Julie! No, I will never apologize for defending the Gospel! However, I also do not want my own nuances to be misunderstood and therefore become a hindrance. I never want ME to get in the way of the Truth! Thanks for your support!


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