31 March 2010

John Piper Says Rick Warren is Not Emergent

Well, it's official. Rick Warren will be speaking at John Piper's Fall 2010 Desiring God conference. Hear the audio from Piper himself here.

Just a couple of choice quotes from Piper in this clip:
“At root I think he (Rick Warren) is theological and doctrinal and sound.”
Um, huh? Which sermon confirms that? Was it "The Jesus Model - How Jesus Handled Stress," because that sermon really moved me. Of course, it moved me to anger that a pastor was reducing the life of Jesus down to a self-help book.
"I don't think he's (Rick Warren) Emergent."
WHAT?! Apparently John Piper needs to do a little reading. In his book, A Wonderful Deception, Warren Smith addresses Rick Warren's New Age leanings, and the New Age defines the Emergent church. Even moreso, in his book Faith Undone author Roger Oakland explains Warren's involvement in the very birth of the Emergent Church movement!
"While Leadership Network was the catalyst that initially launched the emerging church, many other ministries and organizations have helped to fuel it. One of the major catalysts is Rick Warren. Warren's support for [Bob] Buford and Leadership Network goes back many years." (Faith Undone, page 28-29)
"If Leadership Network was the "advance scout" for the emerging church, Warren's role was also vital to the emerging church's growth. Even before the Young Leader's Network (later becoming Emergent) was launched, Warren was drawn to the Emergent conversation. In 1995, he joined with emerging leader Leonard Sweet to do an audio series titled Tides of Change." (Faith Undone, page 30)
For those who aren't aware, Leonard Sweet is a New Age sympathizer. More than that, I'd say he's completely New Age with a few Christian sympathies tossed in. You can find more information about that in the Lighthouse Trails Research articles New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet To Speak at Pastor Skip Heitzig’s Calvary Chapel Church and Sweet/Calvary Chapel Follow-Up – The Gospel of Jesus Christ or the Mystery of Iniquity?.

Much information regarding Leonard Sweet, Rick Warren, and others involved in the New Age movement can be found in the previously mentioned book by Warren Smith, A Wonderful Deception.

And so, John Piper is gravely wrong when he says that Rick Warren is not Emergent. And if John Piper has so little discernment, what can we expect from the average churchgoer being shepherded by men far less grounded than Piper? It seems the separation from the wheat and the chaff becomes more distinct with each day. It can only be one more sign that our Lord will soon be returning for His church. His TRUE church. Amen, Come, Lord Jesus!

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  1. brilliant, thank you for adding your voice to the attempt to talk sense in to John Piper. sigh.


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