30 March 2010

Desiring God 2010 Conference to Feature Rick Warren

I apologize for being a little quiet lately. Life has gotten busy with daily tasks, illness, travel, and a couple of new assignments from God that simultaneously excite and terrify me! Hopefully I'll be able to begin posting again fairly regularly, but I'm sure the Enemy will find new and interesting ways to keep me distracted.

Tonight I began to feel lazy for ignoring my bloggerly (yes, that's a word that I just now invented) duties and decided to hop online and see what news I could dig up for my readers. As usual, I didn't have to look far! My favorite apostate and yours, Rick Warren, is making headlines once again. Today's news?

Desiring God 2010 National Conference to Feature Rick Warren

SharperIron has confirmed with Jonathan at Desiring God in Minneapolis that Rick Warren is among the speakers for the 2010 Desiring God National Conference. There will be more details explaining the invitation from DesiringGod.org in the near future
UPDATE: This URL will provide further information as it is available.
Many of us in the Christian blogosphere are praying and hoping that this is a joke. But as confirmations of this information keep coming in, I'm beginning to think this story won't be followed up by someone shouting "April Fool's!" In case you aren't aware, Desiring God is the ministry of John Piper, a rather well-known pastor and teacher. (Let me interject here that I give Piper a lot of credit for his latest announcement regarding his upcoming eight-month sabbatical.) I'll be honest, while I highly respect Piper, he nevertheless often leaves me feeling lukewarm. Sometimes he hits a home-run with his convicting messages, but when he teams up with "missional" man Ed Stetzer and slowly-turning-contemplative potty-mouth pastor Mark Driscoll, I start to wonder. So I guess I have to say that I'm not all that surprised that Rick Warren has been invited to speak at this event. After all, Rick Warren is not only "America's pastor", but someday, maybe he will hold the title of "Global Pastor." What do I mean? Well, in case you didn't hear...

Tony Blair Looks To US Pastor Rick Warren In Bid To Unite Faiths
As I've stated previously (in such posts as Alpha Exposed: Part 3) Warren sits on the board of Tony Blair's Faith Foundation. This organization has as its goal to unite all faiths worldwide. It is a perfect forerunner of the one-world religion led by the False Prophet as described in Revelation 13. Needless to say, this is a big deal. Personally, I have great difficulty reconciling how Rick Warren can be involved in the global unification of all faiths and still tout himself as a Christian. I don't care how much purpose he preaches, his "purpose" is not God's will. We should all place Rick Warren at the top of our prayer lists, that he may realize that he has been deceived and has deceived millions and that he would repent and turn to the Truth. And may we also pray for John Piper and the team at Desiring God that they would reconsider their choice of Purpose-Driven pastor goatherder Rick Warren as a speaker at this conference.


  1. I do believe one of the evidences that the rapture may be soon is the lack of interest many Christians feel toward the threat of the emergent and the "Purpose Driven" popularity man as well as the extreme Covenant view...All of these things are drawing people away from "looking" for the return of Christ for His church...It's all "me" and "today".

  2. thanks for this info, erin. piper's sabbatical and apology is a bit "puzzling". there's clearly a lot he's NOT saying..

    loved your last paragraph. AMEN, i say!

    ~ liz

  3. Thanks, Liz. I agree, there is something not being said regarding the sabbatical. But then, perhaps we don't need to know more particulars at this time! But we must be quick to pray for both Piper and Warren. Imagine the impact someone like Warren could have on the Kingdom if he would repent and finally begin to preach Truth!

    I agree 100%. Not only are the moves toward Seeker-driven and Emergent part of the apostasy of the Last Days, but it is most definitely another tactic of the Enemy to keep our eyes off of Christ and on ourselves. It makes me even more thankful for the remnant who is always looking up for our blessed up! Maranatha!


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