31 March 2010

John Piper Says Rick Warren is Not Emergent

Well, it's official. Rick Warren will be speaking at John Piper's Fall 2010 Desiring God conference. Hear the audio from Piper himself here.

Just a couple of choice quotes from Piper in this clip:
“At root I think he (Rick Warren) is theological and doctrinal and sound.”
Um, huh? Which sermon confirms that? Was it "The Jesus Model - How Jesus Handled Stress," because that sermon really moved me. Of course, it moved me to anger that a pastor was reducing the life of Jesus down to a self-help book.
"I don't think he's (Rick Warren) Emergent."
WHAT?! Apparently John Piper needs to do a little reading. In his book, A Wonderful Deception, Warren Smith addresses Rick Warren's New Age leanings, and the New Age defines the Emergent church. Even moreso, in his book Faith Undone author Roger Oakland explains Warren's involvement in the very birth of the Emergent Church movement!
"While Leadership Network was the catalyst that initially launched the emerging church, many other ministries and organizations have helped to fuel it. One of the major catalysts is Rick Warren. Warren's support for [Bob] Buford and Leadership Network goes back many years." (Faith Undone, page 28-29)
"If Leadership Network was the "advance scout" for the emerging church, Warren's role was also vital to the emerging church's growth. Even before the Young Leader's Network (later becoming Emergent) was launched, Warren was drawn to the Emergent conversation. In 1995, he joined with emerging leader Leonard Sweet to do an audio series titled Tides of Change." (Faith Undone, page 30)
For those who aren't aware, Leonard Sweet is a New Age sympathizer. More than that, I'd say he's completely New Age with a few Christian sympathies tossed in. You can find more information about that in the Lighthouse Trails Research articles New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet To Speak at Pastor Skip Heitzig’s Calvary Chapel Church and Sweet/Calvary Chapel Follow-Up – The Gospel of Jesus Christ or the Mystery of Iniquity?.

Much information regarding Leonard Sweet, Rick Warren, and others involved in the New Age movement can be found in the previously mentioned book by Warren Smith, A Wonderful Deception.

And so, John Piper is gravely wrong when he says that Rick Warren is not Emergent. And if John Piper has so little discernment, what can we expect from the average churchgoer being shepherded by men far less grounded than Piper? It seems the separation from the wheat and the chaff becomes more distinct with each day. It can only be one more sign that our Lord will soon be returning for His church. His TRUE church. Amen, Come, Lord Jesus!

30 March 2010

Desiring God 2010 Conference to Feature Rick Warren

I apologize for being a little quiet lately. Life has gotten busy with daily tasks, illness, travel, and a couple of new assignments from God that simultaneously excite and terrify me! Hopefully I'll be able to begin posting again fairly regularly, but I'm sure the Enemy will find new and interesting ways to keep me distracted.

Tonight I began to feel lazy for ignoring my bloggerly (yes, that's a word that I just now invented) duties and decided to hop online and see what news I could dig up for my readers. As usual, I didn't have to look far! My favorite apostate and yours, Rick Warren, is making headlines once again. Today's news?

Desiring God 2010 National Conference to Feature Rick Warren

SharperIron has confirmed with Jonathan at Desiring God in Minneapolis that Rick Warren is among the speakers for the 2010 Desiring God National Conference. There will be more details explaining the invitation from DesiringGod.org in the near future
UPDATE: This URL will provide further information as it is available.
Many of us in the Christian blogosphere are praying and hoping that this is a joke. But as confirmations of this information keep coming in, I'm beginning to think this story won't be followed up by someone shouting "April Fool's!" In case you aren't aware, Desiring God is the ministry of John Piper, a rather well-known pastor and teacher. (Let me interject here that I give Piper a lot of credit for his latest announcement regarding his upcoming eight-month sabbatical.) I'll be honest, while I highly respect Piper, he nevertheless often leaves me feeling lukewarm. Sometimes he hits a home-run with his convicting messages, but when he teams up with "missional" man Ed Stetzer and slowly-turning-contemplative potty-mouth pastor Mark Driscoll, I start to wonder. So I guess I have to say that I'm not all that surprised that Rick Warren has been invited to speak at this event. After all, Rick Warren is not only "America's pastor", but someday, maybe he will hold the title of "Global Pastor." What do I mean? Well, in case you didn't hear...

Tony Blair Looks To US Pastor Rick Warren In Bid To Unite Faiths
As I've stated previously (in such posts as Alpha Exposed: Part 3) Warren sits on the board of Tony Blair's Faith Foundation. This organization has as its goal to unite all faiths worldwide. It is a perfect forerunner of the one-world religion led by the False Prophet as described in Revelation 13. Needless to say, this is a big deal. Personally, I have great difficulty reconciling how Rick Warren can be involved in the global unification of all faiths and still tout himself as a Christian. I don't care how much purpose he preaches, his "purpose" is not God's will. We should all place Rick Warren at the top of our prayer lists, that he may realize that he has been deceived and has deceived millions and that he would repent and turn to the Truth. And may we also pray for John Piper and the team at Desiring God that they would reconsider their choice of Purpose-Driven pastor goatherder Rick Warren as a speaker at this conference.

28 March 2010

Sunday Morning Praise

A blessed Palm Sunday to you! On this day our Lord entered Jerusalem with His great triumphal entry, seated on a lowly donkey, less than a week before He would be murdered. Children in town to celebrate Passover waved Palm branches and shouted "Hosanna!" May our praise be just as exuberant as we remember prophecy fulfilled.
"Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!
Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Behold, your king is coming to you;
righteous and having salvation is he,
humble and mounted on a donkey,
on a colt, the foal of a donkey." Zechariah 9:9
All Glory, Laud, and Honor

All glory, laud and honor,
To Thee, Redeemer, King,
To Whom the lips of children
Made sweet hosannas ring.

Thou art the King of Israel,
Thou David’s royal Son,
Who in the Lord’s Name comest,
The King and Blessèd One.


The company of angels
Are praising Thee on High,
And mortal men and all things
Created make reply.


The people of the Hebrews
With palms before Thee went;
Our prayer and praise and anthems
Before Thee we present.


To Thee, before Thy passion,
They sang their hymns of praise;
To Thee, now high exalted,
Our melody we raise.


Thou didst accept their praises;
Accept the prayers we bring,
Who in all good delightest,
Thou good and gracious King.


25 March 2010

Thursday's Spurgeon

Thanks to The Daily Spurgeon for this great excerpt:
Where your treasure is, there let your heart be. Rejoice even now, I pray you, in your inheritance. As you are thus rich, let your spending-money be dealt out with a generous hand. You are on your way to the mansions of the blessed; rejoice as you make the pilgrimage. If you have no present reason for thankfulness, yet the future may yield you much. Break forth, therefore, into joy and singing, and with songs and everlasting joy upon your head make your way towards Zion. If it be so, that all the future is yours, meditate much upon it; make heaven the subject of your daily thoughts; live not on this present, which is but food for swine, but live on the future, which is meat for angels. How refined will be your communications if your meditations are sublime! Your life will be heavenly if your musings are heavenly. Take wings to your spirit, and dwell amongst the angels.

All these things are yours; then prepare for them. Day by day, in the all-cleansing blood of Jesus, which is the path of purity, wash your souls. By repentance cast off every sin; by a renewed application to Jesus and his Spirit, obtain fresh power against every evil. Stand ready for heaven with your loins girt about and your lamp trimmed; be wailing for the midnight cry, “Behold the bridegroom cometh!” Let your life be spent in the suburbs of the celestial city, in a devout sanctity of thought and act. Live upon the door-step of the pearl gate, always waiting for the time when the angelic messenger shall say, “Come up hither.”

From a sermon entitled "Things To Come," delivered June 13, 1869.

21 March 2010

An Interview with John MacArthur

Downloads of all of this year's sessions from The Shepherd's Conference are available here. Enjoy!

Sunday Morning Praise

Stand up for Jesus was written by minister George Duffield in 1858. It was inspired by the dying words of his friend and fellow pastor, Dudley Tyng. Amidst a city-wide revival in Philadelphia in 1858, Tyng preached a sermon and during the sermon remarked, "I must tell my Master's errand, and I would rather that this right arm were amputated at the trunk than that I should come short of my duty to you in delivering God's message." The very next week, Tyng was visiting in the country and, while observing a corn thrasher in a barn, his loose sleeve was caught in the machine and his arm was severely lacerated. The main artery was severed and the median nerve was greatly affected. Within days, infection developed and on April 19, 1858, Dudley Tyng died as a result of shock and great blood loss. Gathered with friends and fellow ministers on his death bed, Tyng was asked for a final statement to which he responded, "Let us all stand up for Jesus." Those final words inspired George Duffield to compose a short poem that he read the next morning in tribute to his friend. The words of the poem were printed for distribution in the Sunday school and somehow landed in the hands of the editor of a Baptist periodical. It was not much longer before that short poem found its way into the hymnals and mouths of God's people.*
 Stand Up for Jesus
Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross;
Lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss.
From victory unto victory His army shall He lead,
Till every foe is vanquished, and Christ is Lord indeed.
Stand up, stand up for Jesus, the trumpet call obey;
Forth to the mighty conflict, in this His glorious day.
Ye that are brave now serve Him against unnumbered foes;
Let courage rise with danger, and strength to strength oppose.
Stand up, stand up for Jesus, the strife will not be long;
This day the noise of battle, the next the victor’s song.
To those who vanquish evil a crown of life shall be;
They with the King of Glory shall reign eternally.

*All background information provided by "101 Hymn Stories" written by Kenneth W. Osbeck.

19 March 2010

Word of Faith - Heretical Belief System

Over at The Watchman's Bagpipes, Glenn Chatfield has provided his readers with an excellent overview and summary of the founding of the Word of Faith movement, as well as the basic tenets of this heretical belief system. I will highlight a few passages here, but please go to his site and read the article in its entirety.

The WOF movement (also known as “name it and claim it,” “health and wealth,” or “prosperity gospel”) has its historic origins in the charismatic movement of the early 20th century. From out of this movement arose many so-called “faith healers” who traveled around the country with their “crusades.”
Also contributing to the development of the Word of Faith teachings were the Latter-Rain movement under William Branham in the late 1940s and Pentecostal televangelism under Oral Roberts. But the recognized “father” of WOF is Kenneth E. Hagin (1917-2003), who developed Kenyon’s teachings “in light of the healing revivals of Branham and Roberts.” (Bowman, p.92)
Foundational Doctrine: While some teachers have even more bizarre ideas, these are the teachings that all seem to agree on.

1. We cannot know God by reason.
2. God has faith.
3. God has a body.
4. Being in the same class as God in being, we are actually little gods.
5. Dominion/Kingdom now theology.
6. The "born-again Jesus."
Glenn's article is not to be missed, as we all know someone who has been deceived by the likes of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, or the late Oral Roberts. Knowing some of the foundational beliefs of this movement will help you to better understand why these Word of Faith leaders and their followers live in such blindness.

Brian McLaren to Speak at Baylor University

From Apprising Ministries:
The actual headline for this short report from Baylor University is: Christian Author to Speak at Intersections Lecture, but Emerging Church guru Brian McLaren is no brother of mine. Baylor student newswriter Lillyan Baker tells us:
Dr. Brian McLaren, a Christian author, speaker, blogger and networker, will present his lecture “Beyond Absolutism, Pluralism, Relativism” at 7 p.m. Monday, March 22, in the Alexander Reading Room on the Baylor campus.
The event, which is free and open to the public, is part of the Intersections Lecture Series, which is hosted by Baylor’s Honors College and the department of student activities. Intersections explores the connection between faith, culture and theology through topics such as faith related to art, literature, politics and more… (Online source)
Concerning McLaren as “author, speaker, blogger and networker,” I’d also add heretic. The fact is, his A New Kind of Christianity begins laying out systematically the postmodern form of progressive/liberal theology aka Emergence Christianity—Liberalism 2.0—McLaren personally believes; and because he’s done so we can now clearly see that Brian McLaren has now departed from anything even remotely resembling the historic, orthodox, Christian faith.
See also:

A Most Peaceful Deception

I first saw this video earlier this week over at the Watcher's Lamp. It is a brief, but revealing look into contemplative/centering prayer. If this doesn't terrify you, it should. These people believe that they are practicing something Christian when it is anything but. While it may appear peaceful and calm, contemplative or centering prayer is not a biblical concept at all. If it was, then Jesus Himself would not have taught us to pray out loud:
Pray then like this:
“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
" Matthew 6:9-13
 The best part about all this contemplation? It will bring unity. Not just among "Christians" but among all people of all faiths. This is a New Age wolf in Christian/Catholic mystic sheep's clothing. If anything even remotely similar to this is going on at your church, RUN. Run straight to God's Word and ask Him to show you the Truth, because anybody who is practicing contemplative prayer is engulfed in gross deception and error.

I Am Great

Yes, you "heard" me. I'm great.What's more, God knows I'm great. Wondering how I know these things? Well, Saddleback Church told me so today on Twitter!

YouMatter2God: Sit with God today. He knows how great you are, so tell him how great He is by giving Him your worries and your best! (Online Source)
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go tell God how fantastic I am. I told Him yesterday but He may have forgotten.

Seriously, do people buy this junk? This is what passes for "Christian" these days? Unbelievable. It almost makes me think that God didn't really need to save any of us from our sins. After all, if we're so great, we probably "aren't that bad" and don't sin too badly. So maybe we don't really need a Savior, we just need a buddy and a friend. Nothing beats the buddy-Jesus. Except maybe the Jesus who is Lord and Savior of all who believe in Him. But then, the Lord and Savior Jesus tends to be a little offensive. That must be why the buddy-Jesus is so much more popular.

Lord, forgive us of our conceit and our apostasy and open our eyes to the Truth!

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

18 March 2010

Thursday's Spurgeon

This week's Spurgeon is a tract from The Sword and the Trowel:
When we were in Venice we purchased a few curiosities, and finding them burdensome, we thought of sending them home by one of the English vessels lying in the Canal. We went out in a gondola with our box, and having asked for the captain of one of the vessels, we put to him the question, "Will you take a box for us to London, and what is the charge?" His reply was very ready, "I can't say till I know what's in it, for I don't want to get into trouble." A very common sense answer indeed; we admired its caution and honesty.
    What a pity that men do not exercise as much care in spiritual matters, as to what they will receive or reject. Dear reader, in these times there are thousands of bad books published, and herds of bad teachers sent forth to deceive the unwary; you must be on your guard, lest you be led into error. Take nothing for granted, enquire into things for yourself, and try every new doctrine, and professedly old doctrine too, by the Word of God. You may take contraband goods on board before you are aware of it; keep both eyes open, watch and examine, and when a thing is pressed upon you, find out what's in it. Do not believe all a man says because he is a clergyman, or eloquent, or learned, or even because he is kind and generous. Bring all to the bar of Holy Scripture, and if they cannot stand the test, receive them not, whatever their bold pretences.
    But reader, is your own present religion good for anything? Do you know what's in it, and what it is made of? May it not be mischievous and false? Search thyself, and do not take a hope into thy soul till thou knowest what it is made of. The devil and his allies will try to trick you into carrying their wares, but be warned in time, and reject their vile devices. The finished work of Jesus received by faith, is "a good hope through grace," and there is no other. Hast thou it? or art thou foolishly looking to another? The Lord lead you away from all else to Jesus. Whatever may be the ground of trust which men may offer you, take care to KNOW WHAT'S IN IT before you accept it.

15 March 2010

The Church Militant?

The following post is from the Pyromaniacs blog:

The church militant?

by Phil Johnson

In keeping with longstanding tradition, I'm going to give you the gist of one of my Shepherds' Conference messages in serial form over the next few blogposts.

ost evangelicals don't really think they are at war against false religion and spiritual lies. Just read the books and blogs of the people who talk most about being "missional" and "culturally relevant"—and you might get the impression that friendship with the world is the number one goal of the church. It's not. It is a grievous sin to be avoided. "Friendship with the world is enmity with God." The church is supposed to be an army waging war against worldly values—not Hollywood's Welcome Wagon.

Churchmen in these postmodern times seem absolutely terrified by the militant language in Scripture, frightened about the prospect of contending earnestly for the faith. After all, you can't earnestly contend for the faith in rationalistic and postmodern universities and keep any kind of academic respectability.

Christians today think they have a better idea: Why not serve high tea and buttered scones to our ideological adversaries and have a polite dialogue while we look for common ground so that we can affirm one another?

That seems so much more "civilized" and "charitable" doesn't it?

Why does the warfare metaphor have to be given so much emphasis?

The answer, of course, is that Scripture itself gives prominence to this truth. We really are in a war. It's not a literal struggle against flesh and blood. It's actually something much greater, far more dangerous, and infinitely more serious than that, because what's at stake in this war is eternal. Ephesians 6:12: "We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."

Souls are perishing in this conflict—passing into eternal judgment where there is no hope of redemption. It's a somber, profound reality. That truth is not at all consistent with the amusement-park atmosphere so many sc-century evangelical churches have tried to cultivate. It's not in any sense harmonious with the spirit of our age. But every faithful Christian must be a warrior.

14 March 2010

Sunday Morning Praise

"But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that he is able to guard until that Day what has been entrusted to me." 2 Timothy 1:12
 I Know Whom I Have Believed
I know not why God’s wondrous grace
To me He hath made known,
Nor why, unworthy, Christ in love
Redeemed me for His own.

But I know Whom I have believèd,
And am persuaded that He is able
To keep that which I’ve committed
Unto Him against that day.

I know not how this saving faith
To me He did impart,
Nor how believing in His Word
Wrought peace within my heart.


I know not how the Spirit moves,
Convincing us of sin,
Revealing Jesus through the Word,
Creating faith in Him.


I know not what of good or ill
May be reserved for me,
Of weary ways or golden days,
Before His face I see.


I know not when my Lord may come,
At night or noonday fair,
Nor if I walk the vale with Him,
Or meet Him in the air.


13 March 2010

Easter...with Rick Warren?

The news has been circulating for a week or two now. I was trying to ignore it, but I can no longer contain my excitement. Please read the next  two sentences in a loud, high-pitched, junior high girly shriek: THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE PERFORMING AT SADDLEBACK'S EASTER SERVICE!!!! OH MY WORD!!!

Okay, I feel better now. Yes, this is what Rick Warren has reduced the celebration of the Resurrection to, a rock concert for 12 year old girls. The promotional website has this to say about the event:
This Easter will be unlike any we’ve had at Saddleback before, as we rejoice together for one momentous service at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. We’ll have special guests, inspiring worship, and Pastor Rick will take a memorable look back at where we’ve been as a church, and most importantly, talk about the future.
Yes, you read that correctly. The Easter service will be held in a stadium. And it seems to me that, besides the main attraction of the Jonas Brothers, the most important topic to be discussed will be the 30 year anniversary of Warren's successful leap into the church-growth business. Did you notice the last line in that promo?  "Pastor Rick will take a memorable look back at where we’ve been as a church, and most importantly, talk about the future." Um, so do you think that Jesus will be allowed to make a cameo appearance, Pastor Rick? I mean, his accomplishment is a little bit better than yours. Not much, but a little. He was resurrected after three days in the grave, after all. And this was after bearing the wrath of God for the sins of all who would believe in Him. So...I'm thinking that it may be a good idea if you at least mention Him in this Easter service. Especially since, usually, Easter is celebrated in remembrance of Jesus' resurrection. Just a suggestion.

For those of us who aren't, ahem, blessed enough to live in Southern California and attend this "holy" event in person, fear not. Yes, the Saddleback Church "Easter with Rick Warren" celebration will be broadcast live online! So hurry up and go to your own church's early service, come home and gather the family 'round the computer and prepare to do some major worshiping. I can't promise that you'll actually be worshiping God, but you'll be worshiping someone! Probably the Jonas Brothers and "Pastor" Rick. Wow, sounds like fun, doesn't it? I can't wait. I may even get one of those countdown clocks for the blog so we can all countdown the days together.

And for those of you who do live near Saddleback, be sure to stop by the church and pick up your official "Easter with Rick Warren" bumper sticker! No, I'm not kidding.

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

11 March 2010

Thursday's Spurgeon

I have found a new treasure trove! It's Spurgeon.Us and it's filled with wonderful Spurgeon quotes! So, due to time and exhaustion, today's Spurgeon will be short and sweet, but at least now you have a new website to explore and get your Spurgeon-fill!

"You and I cannot be useful if we want to be sweet as honey in the mouths of men.
God will never bless us if we wish to please men, that they may think well of us. Are
you willing to tell them what will break your own heart in the telling and break
theirs in the hearing? If not, you are not fit to serve the Lord. You must be willing to
go and speak for God, though you will be rejected." 1431.488
Amen, Brother Spurgeon, Amen!

10 March 2010

The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit. Sounds like something that could have been going on next door to the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen last year, doesn't it? But as most of you probably know, this Global Leadership Summit is, allegedly, not at all political but religious. Yes, it's the highlight of Bill Hybels' year over at Willow Creek Community Church. According to the website,
"The Leadership Summit exists to transform Christian leaders around the world with an annual injection of vision, skill development, and inspiration for the sake of the local church."
I don't know about you, but I don't want Bill Hybels injecting me with anything! But I'm glad to see that the Summit doesn't exist to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If it did, there would be a lot of explaining to do in regard to this year's speakers (and speakers from years past as well). I'm going to include below the biographies of some of the speakers of the 2010 GLS. Please note that these biographies are taken directly from the GLS website. My comments are "injected" throughout in blue italics.

Best-selling Author
Chief Pastor, The Potter's House

Named by TIME magazine as one of the "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America," Bishop Thomas Dexter (T.D.) Jakes is an entrepreneur, global advocate, philanthropist, and pastor of The Potter's House. Located in Dallas, Texas, this multiracial, non-denominational congregation has more than 30,000 members. Known for his service to both the church and the global community, he's led initiatives to combat domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and AIDS. A prolific writer, Bishop Jakes has authored more than 30 books, including two New York Times best-sellers. A past and popular Summit speaker, he will close our 2010 gathering with a powerful and moving reminder of the greatness of God. I could write a whole series of posts on T.D. Jakes! For now, let me give you the short version: this "pastor" denies the Trinity. Yes, that's right. Oh, and he has succeeded in eroticizing the practice of communion and calls it "the most romantic ordinance between two lovers."

Best-selling Author
Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric

Said to be the most studied CEO of the 20th century, Jack Welch began his 41-year career with the General Electric Company in 1960, and in 1981 became the company's eighth chairman and CEO. Fortune named him "manager of the century," and the Financial Times named him one of the three most admired business leaders in the world. He teaches at MIT's Sloan School of Management and recently launched the Jack Welch Management Institute at Chancellor University, offering advanced management degrees online. A prolific business writer, he authored the internationally best-selling autobiography, Jack: Straight from the Gut and also wrote The Welch Way, a widely read BusinessWeek column. Can I at least see a mention of this man's profession of faith? Does he even have one? If not, then should he really be teaching leadership principles to thousands upon thousands of supposedly Christian pastors? Forgive me, but the basics of Christianity weave themselves into ALL aspects of our lives. A non-Christian and a Christian will very rarely approach a situation--even a business situation--in the same manner.

Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church
Founder, North Point Ministries

Under the leadership of Andy Stanley, North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, has become one of the largest and most innovative churches in the United States. Founded in 1995, the church has grown to three campuses and a weekly attendance of more than 22,000 people. They have also helped plant more than 20 strategic partner churches across North America. Stanley is a dynamic speaker and author whose books include Visioneering, Next Generation Leader, and Communicating for a Change. His latest volume, The Principle of the Path, explores a basic truth that can eliminate regret, as it helps to successfully move people from where they are to where they want to go. Ah, yes, Andy Stanley. Let's see, where do I begin? From his apparent friendship with many emerging/contemplative/mystic personalities (evident from his appearance at the 2009 National Youth Workers Convention) to his latest appearance at Rick Warren's Radicalis conference, this "pastor" should feel right at home at Willow Creek.

Founder and Senior Pastor, The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection

Adam Hamilton is senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. One of the fastest growing, most influential mainline churches in America, the adult membership has increased from four to 13,000 since 1990. It is all about the numbers after all, isn't it? Leaning on personal leadership experience, Hamilton provides perceptive insights into how and why leaders fall—and how to help preempt such failures within a team before they occur. The author of several books, including Leading Beyond the Walls, 24 Hours That Changed the World, and Making Love Last a Lifetime, he was identified as one of the top "Ten People to Watch in America's Spiritual Landscape" by PBS's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. Well, after all, if you can grow your church that quickly God must be blessing it, right? I mean, it's not like the gate to Jesus is narrow or anything! Wait a minute...

President and CEO of W.L. Gore & Associates
Innovation Leaders and makers of GORE-TEX® Products

Terri Kelly is president and CEO of W.L. Gore & Associates, a 50-year old, multi-billion dollar enterprise that is often profiled as an example of the future of management. A pioneer in lattice-based management structure, Gore's "associates" become leaders based on their ability to gain the respect of their peers and to attract followers. Kelly became president and CEO in 2005, after she was elected by her peers to serve in that role. Employing more than 8,000 associates in 45 plants around the world, Gore produces many unique products, including Gore-Tex® fabric, and is perpetually named on lists of "the best places to work." Kelly will explain how this unique culture works on a practical level. Oh, goody, more secular money-driven success principles!

Author of Director of Equip & Empower Ministries
Founder of The A21 Campaign

Known for her ability to communicate profound messages of hope and inspiration (but can she communicate the only message of hope that matters, the Gospel?), Christine Caine has a heart for reaching the lost, strengthening leadership, championing the cause of justice, and building the local church globally. Part of the leadership team and pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia for 20 years, she also directs Equip & Empower Ministries. Recently she founded The A21 Campaign, an organization dedicated to the care and healing of victims of human trafficking. An avid believer in the hope-giving power of the local church, she is the author of A Life Unleashed, Stop Acting Like a Christian—Just Be One; Run To Win, and her latest book, Can I Have (and do) It All, Please? Hillsong Church is notorious for it's Word-Faith heresy. You hear little about this, however, because they happen to have some talented singers in the congregation that travel the world singing "praise songs" that are supposedly about God but really are only causing people to sing about themselves! Hillsong also teaches the social gospel, placing works above faith because, maybe if we feed enough poor people God will think we're good enough for Heaven. Ms. Caine should also feel right at home at Willow Creek where the social gospel abounds!
These are just a few of the speakers who will be descending upon Barrington, IL for the Global Leadership Summit. This conference will be broadcast worldwide, which means thousands of pastors will flock to a local venue to absorb the business principles that will be taught. And it will be all business. Like Rick Warren, Hybels operates his church like a well-oiled machine, focusing on numbers and growth above his true purpose as a pastor, sharing the Gospel. I should know, I attended Willow Creek for awhile. There is no conviction of sin preached in that church, and therefore there is no presentation of the Gospel. There's no need for Gospel if you never tell the congregation why they need a Savior in the first place! But there are many appeals to the heartstrings for the poor, starving children in Africa. There's lots of upbeat music and a few warm, fuzzy stories in lieu of a sermon. I don't know if Bill Hybels could offer a truly Biblical leadership summit even if he wanted to. Sadly, it doesn't seem as if that's anything he desires.

Still More on Moore

I promise that I'm not trying to dig up more and more information on Beth Moore just to cause controversy. The truth is, she started popping up all over the place last week and this week, likely due to the release of her latest self-help endeavor, So Long, Insecurity. The embedded audio below is a segment from the Christian discernment radio show, Fighting for the Faith. Christian apologist Chris Rosebrough took one of Moore's latest  lectures and pitted it against Scripture to see how it would measure up. Now, I don't agree with Rosebrough on everything; we particularly differ in the area of eschatology. However, I respect him and his ministry greatly. When it comes to comparing what people are saying in the name of God against the Word of God, he does an excellent job! The segment is a bit lengthy, so grab your Bible, pour a cup of coffee, and take a listen:

Beth Moore's Dangerous Bible Twisting
I recently reviewed two segments of Beth Moore's "Bible teaching" on my radio program and I must admit I was bowled over by just how bad and dangerous her teaching really is. I know she's popular but this woman is NOT rightly handling God's word. Instead, she is twisting the scriptures to her own destruction and the destruction of her hearers.
Take a listen for yourself. Not only is this bad, its downright dangerous false teaching!

08 March 2010

A Wonderful Deception

I recently started reading Warren Smith's book A Wonderful Deception. It's a follow-up to his book Deceived on Purpose. Both books examine the dangers of Rick Warren's "purpose-driven" movement, the New Age implications of it, and other errors within. I admit, I'm not very far into this book. I started it last night and almost wanted to call in sick today so I could stay home and read it! (No, I didn't call in sick and I didn't take the book to work with me and hide under my desk to read it)! Nevertheless, my highlighter was flying while I was still reading the Preface! Here's a snapshot of the tone of this book and what it will be discussing:
"We are not to blindly follow spiritual leaders just because they are in a position of leadership and power. We must be true to Scripture and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (Preface, ix)
Can I hear an "Amen"?!
"Today, this New Age/New Spirituality is the spiritual foundation for an emerging "new worldview" that if adopted by the world-and the church-could usher in a false world peace that in actuality will be no real peace at all. It will be a deceptive New Age peace for a deceptive New Age. It will be everything that the true Jesus Christ warned would come in His name." (Preface, x)
"In Jeremiah 9:3, Jeremiah warns about those who are "not valiant for the truth." Sadly, Rick Warren is a man who is not wholly valiant for the truth. [...] It is a pastor's job to protect the flock from heresy, and Rick Warren is not doing that. On the contrary, his worldwide movement has serious New Age implications." (Preface, xi)
"Out of the fifteen different Bible versions Rick Warren uses in The Purpose Driven Life, he chooses to cite Ephesians 4:6 from a new translation that erroneously conveys the panentheistic New Age teaching that God is "in" everything. [...] According to properly translated Scripture, God is not "in" everyone and everything, and God's Holy Spirit only indwells those who truly accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior." (Chapter 1, 16-17)
 I'm very anxious to continue reading this book and I'll try to keep you updated as I go along. Based upon what I've read thus far, I'm quite comfortable recommending this book. I've heard Warren Smith on multiple radio interviews as well and he is a great contender for the faith!

Warren Smith has also authored the online book Reinventing Jesus Christ: The New Gospel. You can access the PDF of that e-book here.

For My Email Subscribers

I've noticed that over the past couple of days Feedburner has sent out an update with old posts attached. Unfortunately, I have no idea why it's doing this. The only possible explanation I can think of is that I've been doing some fiddling around on the back end of the site and it somehow must have affected the posts. So I apologize for any confusion! Just think of it as a little gift and enjoy those posts a second time!

07 March 2010

Sunday Morning Praise

The following version of "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" is very different from the tune that I'm used to, but is just as beautiful! Enjoy! Have a blessed Lord's Day!

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.
Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
Save in the death of Christ my God!
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood.
See from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flow mingled down!
Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?
His dying crimson, like a robe,
Spreads o’er His body on the tree;
Then I am dead to all the globe,
And all the globe is dead to me.
Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

06 March 2010

Another Poison Root...

The following comes from Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries:

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons. (1 Timothy 4:1, ESV)
There’s Nothing New Here Under The Sun
This Apprising Ministries piece comes about because of a post today from Cambourne Christian Fellowship called (One of) The Poisonous Roots of Post-Modern Theology. I now tap my keyboard for the insight Jesus has given Pete to recognize the awful impact that Robert Schuller has had upon the visible church. [1] Pete works an interesting, and accurate, angle concerning the murky mystic roots of what Christian apologist Chris Rosebrough is calling Liberalism 2.0:
Psychologist, Dr Helen Schucman published the 3 volume book, “A course in miracles”(ACIM) in 1975. It was the result of 7 years of channelled messages by a spirit guide who called himself Jesus. Although Christian terminology is used throughout, the principals taught are overtly “New Age.” (Online source)
From 21+ years in the ministry fields of apologetics, Comparative Religion, and evangelizing non-Christian cults, I recognized immediately that Pete’s brought out a key element here with ACIM. Not only is its doctrines of demons channeled from seducing spirits but ACIM is also steeped in the type of philosophical psycho-babble so common with those who practice Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM), with its meditation in an altered state of consciousness called Contemplative/Centering Prayer (CCP).
Both Robert Schuller and his mentor in liberal Christianity Norman Vincent Peale have been involved in the practice of this kind of transcendental meditation-lite. Now consider the following from Bob DeWaay from his Critical Issues Commentary article Faulty Premises of the Church Growth Movement:
Since the advent of the modern church growth movement which dates from the 1950’s, pastors and local churches have been under massive pressure to do something to facilitate church growth. The movement was founded primarily by two people, independently. Those people are Donald McGavran and Robert Schuller. Donald McGavran wrote The Bridges of God in 1955. C. Peter Wagner claims that this book, “launched the Church Growth Movement.”
Rick Warren cites McGavran’s book as being influential early in his ministry. About that same time Robert Schuller started his ministry in California which became the Crystal Cathedral. Later, in 1970, Schuller founded the Robert Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership, where he has trained many key leaders in the Church Growth Movement including Bill Hybels and Rick Warren. It is accurate to say the McGavran is the intellectual founder of the movement and Schuller the most visible popularizer of the movement. (Online source)
So imagine the impact when Schuller, “the most visible popularizer” of the semi-pelagian (at best) Church Growth Movement, blesses ACIM. As Pete correctly explains:
ACIM was mainly read in New Age circles until it was championed on Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power” by Dr Gerald Jampolsky… The promotion of ACIM by Robert Schuller was not a mistake. Schuller has always sought to shift the boundaries of Christian Orthodoxy. His writings show an attempt to turn the truth of the Gospel on its head. “A person is in hell when he has lost his self-esteem.” (Self-Esteem, The New Reformation, pp.14-15).
Turning the Gospel on it’s head is precisely what Schuller’s wide-reaching influence has done. In that very book cited above you may recall that Schuller wrote that ”classic theology has erred in its insistence that theology be ‘God- centered,’ not  ‘man-centered.’” [2] Schuller was a fore-runner of postmodern Humpty Dumpty language ala Emergent Church leader Brian McLaren where words mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean, which makes actual dialogue virtually pointless because one never truly knows what exactly they mean when speaking.
You are probably aware that Schuller’s Self-Esteem: The New Reformation was used in most mainline seminaries beginning in the late 1980’s. However, you may not know, as I do from personally investigating this issue, that is was also used in many mainstream evangelical seminaries as well. So with this in mind, now as you survey the teachings in that latter community, factoring in its now open embrace of the EC with its core doctrine of CSM, you just might be able to see a little bit more clearly through the postmodern fog in the church visible today.
As I close this out for now, let me point out that we’re seeing the idea of personal salvation under increasing attack. You may recall my piece from earlier this year Katharine Jefferts Schori Calls Individual Salvation Heresy/Idolatry where I told you that Schori actually sounds a lot like more and more leaders in the sinfully ecumenical Emergent Church e.g. like EC icon Rob Bell, who’s a protégé of McLaren’s. Now look at the following from Christian apologist Mike Oppenheimer in his post Another Possible Gospel of Robert Schuller’s:
The book, A Course in Miracles has been taught at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral and is right in line with Schuller’s philosophy… His new reformation is not repentance or a renewed sense of dependence on God and his word… In fact he states: “I don’t think anything has been done in the name of Christ that and under the banner of Christianity that has proven more destructive to human personality and, hence, counterproductive to the evangelism enterprise than the often crude, uncouth, and unchristian strategy of attempting to make people aware of their lost and sinful condition. (Online source)
More and more people are wondering today how it is that we’re suddenly in this tsunami of apostasy; but the truth is, it’s really been right there all along…we just weren’t paying attention.
1. For more the interested reader is referred to Robert Schuller: Father Of The New Reformation, accessed 3/6/10.
2. Robert Schuller, Self Esteem: The New Reformation, (Waco: Word, 1982), 64.
3. Timothy Wallace gives us a good look at the difference here in God-Centered vs. Man-Centered Theology, accessed 3/6/10, and my Man-Centered Gospel Vs. God-Centered Gospel will prove helpful as well.

05 March 2010

The New Pharisaical Bullies

From Olive Tree Ministries and Bible Prophecy Today and many other discernment sites who heartily agree with Jan Markell's words in this article:

The New Pharisaical Bullies
Jan MarkellBy Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries

I have been called a lot of things but never a "bully" and never a "Pharisee." But since I am referenced in a sad new book, The New Pharisaism: How Spiritual Bullies Attack the Church," I felt I needed to respond to this pathetic attempt to call good ministries and leaders Pharisees just because they are contending for the faith in an apostate climate.

About a decade ago a new kind of ministry came along as a a result of rising apostasy and false teaching. They were branded as "discernment ministries" and that is probably pretty accurate. Olive Tree Ministries started out with a pro-Israel slant as well as being an end-time watcher. Today we also find ourselves trying to defend the faith and encouraging discernment in the church (Luke 12:56; Proverbs 2:3).

What discernment ministries are trying to do is take a stand against those who have hijacked evangelicalism in the last 30 years. For starters, that would include the "seeker-sensitive" movement that often dumbs down preaching, Emergent heresy, the mystical movement (so-called Christian Yoga, contemplative prayer, etc.), the new Mary for Protestants movement, the emphasis by evangelicals on fictitious man-made global warming, Muslim-Christian dialogue, and more.

Those of us being chastised by the author of this new book, Bill Slabaugh, take the warning in Ezekiel 33:6 very seriously!
"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require from the watchman's hand."
This book suggests that several national organizations, Web sites, newsletters, and radio broadcasts - including "Understanding the Times" radio - have turned their sights on the church and have attacked Christian leaders and other faithful believers. This so-called new "Pharisaism" demonstrates that very unbiblical practices are being introduced into some churches in America as a part of the apostasy of the last days. The author of the book and other critics suggest that we "bullies" have used this phenomenon for our own selfish gain and self-promoting agenda.

What financial gain is there in standing for truth, naming names of false teachers, and losing a ton of financial contributors because we have touched their sacred cow?

There is a cost in contending, and it can be in dollars and cents. It can sink a ministry or stunt its growth.

I have to ask, "Since when did contending for the faith (Jude 3) become bullying?!"

Those of us accused are simply believers who cherish the true Word of God. We would like to hear about God and the Bible with no additives and preservatives. We want to avoid the latest fads in the contemporary church that are entertainment-oriented and that try to keep up with the pop culture. We are not interested in church-growth efforts. But when we question the church's infatuation with the spirit of the age, we are called some pretty abysmal names.

A few of the faith contenders Slabaugh singled out are Dave Hunt of Berean Call, Ray Yungen, Crosstalk Radio, Southwest Radio Church, Apprising Ministries, and Olive Tree Ministries.

Christian broadcaster Todd Wilken says,
"Just as politicians and pundits play the race card or the gender card, the Pharisee card is used to discredit someone by implying that he is narrow, rigid, and unloving. Most often these days, the Pharisee card is played to portray a fellow Christian as a 'doctrinal purist,' resistant to change, and therefore, unconcerned for the lost."
Quite the contrary: We are just asking that the gospel preached to the lost be pure.

Wilken goes on to say,
"Jesus called Christians who demanded doctrinal purity 'disciples,' not 'Pharisees.' "
This ministry will continue speaking the inconvenient truth which will continue to get us labeled as unloving bullies and Pharisaical for years to come. I offer no apologies. How tragic that it is discernmentministries today that are seen as troublemakers and dividers when they are standing up for a true gospel and solid doctrine.

The time is short. Telling the truth is more important than popularity contests right now. The Bible speaks of escalating apostasy in the last days so I ask a few more of you to join the ranks of contenders forthe faith.

Thursday's Spurgeon (on Friday)

The following is excerpted from a sermon entitled The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved and was delivered on March 4, 1855.
Do you seriously and solemnly believe that you belong to the "beloved" here mentioned? I may be impertinent in asking such a question; I have been accused of that before now, but I have never denied it. I rather take the credit of it than not. But seriously and solemnly I ask you—Do you know yourselves to be amongst the beloved? And if it happens that you want a test, allow me to give you three tests, very briefly, and I have done. It has been said that there are three kinds of preachers—doctrinal preachers, experimental preachers, and practical preachers. Now I think there are three things that make up a Christian—true doctrine, real experience, and good practice.
    Now, then, as to your doctrine. You may tell whether you are the Lord's beloved partly by that. Some think it matters not what a man believes. Excuse me: truth is always precious, and the least atom of truth is worth searching out. Now- a-days the sects do not clash so much as they did. Perhaps that is good; but there is one evil about it. People do not read the Bibles so much as they did. They think we are all right. Now, I believe we may be all right in the main, but we cannot be all right where we contradict one another; and it becomes every man to search the Bible to see which is right. I am not afraid to submit my Calvinism, or my doctrine of believer's baptism, to the searching of the Bible. A learned lord, an infidel, once said to Whitfield, "Sir I am an infidel, I do not believe the Bible, but if the Bible be true, you are right, and your Arminian opponents are wrong. If the Bible be the Word of God, the doctrines of grace are true;" adding that if any man would grant him the Bible to be the truth, he would challenge him to disprove Calvinism. The doctrines of original sin, election, effectual calling, final perseverance, and all those great truths which are called Calvinism—though Calvin was not the author of them, but simply an able writer and preacher upon the subject—are, I believe, the essential doctrines of the Gospel that is in Jesus Christ. Now, I do not ask you whether you believe all this—it is possible you may not; but I believe you will before you enter heaven. I am persuaded, that as God may have washed your hearts, he will wash your brains before you enter heaven. He will make you right in your doctrines. But I must inquire whether you read your Bibles. I am not finding fault with you this morning for differing from me, I may be wrong; but I want to know whether you search the Scriptures to find what is truth. And, if you are not a reader of the Bible, if you take doctrines second-hand, if you go to chapel, and say, "I do not like that:' what matters your not liking it, provided it is in the Bible? Is it Biblical truth, or is it not? If it is God's truth, let us have it exalted. It may not suit you; but let me remind you, that the truth that is in Jesus never was palatable to carnal men, and I believe never will be. The reason you love it not, is because it cuts too much at your pride; it lets you down too low. Search yourselves, then, in doctrine.
    Then take care that you remember the experimental test. I am afraid there is very little experimental religion amongst us; but where there is true doctrine, there ought always to be a vital experience. Sirs, try yourselves by the experimental test. Have you ever had an experience of your wretchedness, of your depravity, your inability, your death in sin? Have you ever felt life in Christ, an experience of the light of God's countenance, of wrestling with corruption? Have you had a grace-given Holy Ghost-implanted experience of a communion with Christ? (My note: Spurgeon is not here speaking of a New Age experience of "sitting in the silence" and "going within yourself" to find and talk to the Christ within you. He is speaking of that moment of conversion when, in our wretched sinfulness God grants us faith, grace, and forgiveness and seals us permanently with the seal of the Holy Spirit. This is the moment that you begin your life in Christ. It is not announced with a fanfare of tongues and ostentatious miracles, only the inward miracle of regeneration, renewal, and reconciliation with our God through Jesus Christ). If so, then you are right on the experimental test.
    And, to conclude, take care of the practical test. "Faith without works is dead, being alone." He that walketh in sin is a child of the devil; and he that walketh in righteousness is a child of light. Do not think, because you believe the right doctrines, therefore you are right. There are many that believe right, act wrong, and they perish. "Be not deceived; God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."
    I have done. Now let me beseech thee, you, by the frailty of your own lives—by the shortness of time—by the dreadful realities of eternity—by the sins you have committed—by the pardon that you need—by the blood and wounds of Jesus—by his second coming to judge the world in righteousness—by the glories of heaven—by the awful horrors of hell—by time—by eternity—by all that is good—by all that is sacred—let me beg of you, as you love your own souls, to search and see whether ye are amongst the beloved, to whom he giveth sleep. God bless you.
To read this sermon in its entirety on The Spurgeon Archive, click here.

04 March 2010

Not Everyone "Gets It"

It has come to my attention that not everyone actually "gets" my humor. No, this isn't a new revelation to me, I just thought it worthy of acknowledgment this time. It's true, I have been blessed (or cursed depending upon your opinion) with a bit of a sarcastic, biting wit that some just don't find all that witty! Believe it or not, I do try to reign in this character flaw, but the written word requires a bit more diligence in this area! I realize that my words do not come across to the reader quite as tongue-in-cheek as I'm actually intending! Instead they are read as "mean" or "hurtful" or "maligning." Please know that it is never my intent to "attack" any person with my words. If I am addressing someone as "false" it is their teachings that I am taking issue with and the fact that they are compromising, misusing, or twisting the Word and Gospel of God. Yes, sometimes I will toss in my own sense of humor and, quite honestly, this is more for my sanity than for anything else. With the dreadful turn the church is taking it seems that if I do not laugh, or at least chuckle, I'll have no other option but to cry and grieve.

All that being said, my earlier post, More on Moore, once again caused a stir, as Beth Moore posts usually do! I can certainly count on Beth Moore for two things in this world:
  1. I can count on hearing more about her husband, Keith, than hearing solid Biblical teaching.
  2. I can count on someone, somewhere, getting upset over the fact that I spoke ill against the supposedly "anointed" Beth Moore.
Of particular consternation this time around was my comment about Beth's "God-hearing ears." If you or someone you know were offended by this comment let me apologize that my facetious intent didn't properly translate to the page (or the computer screen). However, this comment was made in regard to Moore's claims of extra-biblical, special revelations from God. I hope that I do not need to go into all of the reasons why this is such a dangerous and un-Scriptural claim. If I do, let me know and I'll begin preparing it as an article to post here later!

And so it is my intent to soften my sarcasm so as not to mislead the reader in my intent. I do wish to glorify God through my posts as I expose teachings that are false and contrary to His Word. And for you the reader, I welcome comments of all kinds, but as I have asked before, if you are going to refute my posts, please come armed with Scripture. If you are defending your Bible teacher, defend him or her with the Bible. Do not let your emotions overcome your reason. After all, if we are going to staunchly defend and follow a teacher, we must be willing to acknowledge the criticisms and examine them for ourselves! Do as the Bereans did, test every spirit, and remember that our enemy often disguises himself as an "angel of light."

02 March 2010

How Did We Make Such an Evangelical Mess?

The following can be found over at the Grace to You blog:
How Did We Make Such an Evangelical Mess?
You don’t have to be an astute observer of the evangelical scene to notice the unrelenting barrage of outlandish ideas, philosophies, and programs. Never in the history of the church has so much innovation met with so little critical thinking.
Giving a thoughtful biblical response becomes harder and harder all the time. Merely sorting through all the evangelical trends and recognizing which of these novelties really represent dangerous threats to the health and harmony of the church is challenging enough. Effectively answering the huge smorgasbord of accompanying errors poses an even greater dilemma. New errors sometimes seem to multiply faster than the previous ones can be answered.
To sort it all out in a godly way, cutting a straight path through the wreckage of evangelicalism, several old-fashioned, Christlike virtues are absolutely essential: biblical discernment, wisdom, fortitude, determination, endurance, skill in handling Scripture, strong convictions, the ability to speak candidly without waffling, and a willingness to enter into conflict. Continue reading. 

More on Moore

*Note 05 March 2010: The first line of this article has been crossed out to acknowledge that not everyone understood the tongue-in-cheek tone with which it was originally written. See Not Everyone "Gets It" for more.

I can only assume that Beth Moore's God-hearing ears must be burning this week. Last night, quite a conversation ensued on Facebook surrounding this darling of women's "ministry." It actually gave me encouragement to see that many others have realized Moore's errors and are just as frustrated with her false teaching as I am. Then today, completely uninfluenced by that conversation, my friend Glenn Chatfield posted this article over at his blog, The Watchman's Bagpipes. In his post, he will take you to a new blog by Dr. Sam Kurien. "Coincidentally" (or not, God's timing is always so interesting) Dr. Kurien's first post is in regard to Beth Moore and her erroneous teachings. He links to 3 PDF articles he has written. I will post the links to these articles below, but I hope you'll also visit Dr. Kurien's site, A Time to Discern. It will definitely be one that I will be visiting regularly.

Dr. Kurien's articles:
  1. Introduction
  2. Beth Moore's Claims of Direct Personal Revelations From God Apart From Scripture
  3. An Algorithm To Test Beth Moore's Claims Of Direct Personal Extra-Biblical Revelation