04 February 2010

Thursday's Spurgeon

The following is an excerpt from Charles Spurgeon's sermon entitled The World Turned Upside Down. I've put some of my favorite thoughts from this piece in bold.
The World Turned Upside Down
And now, beloved, spare me a little time, while I try to show that what is true in the world, is true in the heart. [...]
Man is a little world, and what God does in the outer world, he does in the inner. If any of you would be saved, your hearts must be turned upside down. I will now appeal to you, and ask you whether you have ever felt this--whether you know the meaning of it?
In the first place, your judgment must be turned upside down. Cannot many of you say that which you now believe to be the truth of God is very far opposed to your former carnal notions? Why, if anyone had told you that you should be a believer in the distinguishing doctrines of free and sovereign grace, you would have laughed him in the face. "What!" I believe the doctrine of election? What! I ever hold the doctrine of particular redemption, or final perseverance? Pshaw! Nonsense! It cannot be!" But now you do hold it, and the thing which you thought unreasonable and unjust now seems to you to be for God's glory, and for man's eternal benefit. [...] Yes, when grace enters the heart, there is a turning upside down of all our opinions; and the great truth of Jesus sits reigning in our soul.
Is there not, again, a total change of all your hopes? Why, your hopes used to be all for this world. If you could but get rich, if you could but be great and honored, you would be happy! You looked forward to it. All you were expecting was a Paradise this side of the flood. And now where are your hopes?-not on earth; for where your treasure is, there must your heart be also. You are looking for a city that hands have not piled; your desires are heavenly, whereas they were gross and carnal once. Can ye say that? Oh! all ye members of this congregation, can ye say that your hopes and your desires are changed? Are ye looking upward, instead of downward? Are you looking to serve God on earth, and to enjoy him forever? Or are you still content with thinking "What ye shall eat and what ye shall drink, and wherewithal ye shall be clothed?"
Again, it is  a complete upsetting of all your pleasures. You loved the tavern once; you hate it now. You hated God's house once; it is now your much-loved habitation. The song, the Sunday newspaper, the lewd novel--all these were sweet to your taste; but you have burned the books that once enchanted you, and now the dusty Bible from the back of the shelf is taken down, and there it lies, wide open, upon the family table, and it is read both morn and night, much loved, much prized and delighted in.
I put, then, the question to you again: Have you been turned upside down? How about your companions? You loved those the best who could swear the loudest, talk the fastest, and tell the greatest falsehoods: now you love those who can pray the most earnestly, and tell you the most of Jesus. Everything is changed with you. If you were to meet your old self going down the street, you would not know him, except by hearsay; you are no relation to him at all. Sometimes the old gentleman comes to your house, and he begins to tempt you to go back; but you turn him out of doors as soon as you can, and say "Begone! I never got on so long as I knew you; I had a ragged coat to my back then, and I was always giving the publican all my money; I never went to God's house, but cursed my Maker, and added sin to sin, and tied a millstone round my neck. So away from me; I will have nothing to do with you; I have been buried with Christ, and I have risen with him. I am a new man in Christ Jesus; old things have passed away, and behold all things have become new."
[...]Have the frivolities of this world become sickening things to you? [...] And can you now say, "Although I am in the world, yet am not of it; its pomps and vanities I do eschew; its pride and its glory I trample under feet; these are nothing to me; I would follow my Master bearing his cross, through evil report and through good report?" If such be not the case, if you are not changed, remember, there are no exceptions; one truth is true for all--"Except ye be born again, ye cannot see the kingdom of Heaven." And that amounts in substance to my text: except ye be thoroughly renewed, turned upside down, ye cannot be saved. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved;" For he that believeth shall be sanctified and renewed--shall be saved at last--but he that believeth not must be cast away in the great day of God's account.
The Lord bless you; for Jesus' sake!

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