07 January 2010

One More "Heretical Crazy-Talk" Video for 2009

I'd like to add one of my favorite "heretical crazy talk" videos of 2009. There was no question that my favorite would be a video from the dangerous, New Age heretical "ministry" of Extreme Prophetic. The problem was in choosing which ridiculous video to use! Now, my favorite Extreme Prophetic video of all time can be found here, but since it was recorded in 2008 I couldn't use it for this particular post. So, I've settled on the following video in which Patricia King begins to tell us about her angel, Swift. If you're unfamiliar with Patricia King and Extreme Prophetic, let me briefly explain: King claims to be frequently visited by angels. Apparently she is more "anointed" than people in the Bible, because she never seems to fall down afraid during these encounters, as is the case with every Biblical angelic encounter. Even better, King claims that she actually hears from God. Audibly. Yep, no false prophet here...

(FYI, in case you needed confirmation that ministries such as IHOP and Todd Bentley's ministries are false, just know that Extreme Prophetic endorses these ministries. Hopefully that's enough to convince you of their heresy.)

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