02 January 2010

A False Revival Comparison

I first saw the following video here at the Slaughter of the Sheep blog (an excellent blog to visit, by the way!). It shows a comparison of these now common, so-called "Christian" revivals with the revivals and behavior of those engaged in false, demonic religions. Watch this video and tell me if it doesn't look a bit familiar and a lot like the behavior seen in the videos of the Toronto Blessing that I shared with you in the post Alpha Exposed: Part 1. The Alpha Course, Toronto Blessing, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, and other false movements and false teachers are all led by the same "god" and that is Satan. The God of the Bible is not a God of confusion and the people in these videos appear to be nothing but confused. Sadly, many professing Christians claim to find truth and comfort in these false teachers and in these movements. We must be praying that God would lift the scales from their eyes and show them the TRUTH and reveal to them the error of these heinous teachings and teachers!

Slaughter of the Sheep has another good post about the latest false revival, IHOP (International House of Prayer). Click on the post title below to read the article.
GOD TV is Now Carrying the IHOP-KC Renewal

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