09 January 2010

Beth Moore - False Teacher?

The answer to the question posed in this post's title is, I believe, "yes." At one time I had plans to research and write an article exposing the errors of the ever-popular "Christian" author Beth Moore. However, why should I reinvent the wheel? Glenn Chatfield, the author over at The Watchman's Bagpipes, has done multiple articles on the errors of Moore's teachings. If you've ever participated in a Beth Moore study and felt that something wasn't "quite right" then you need to read his thoughts as well as the many articles that he links to in his posts. It saddens me that millions of women lift Moore onto a pedestal, falling barely short of ranking her works as high as most Christians would rank the Bible. The truth is that Moore's books and Bible studies lead one into the arena of contemplative prayer and mysticism and that is inexcusable. Contrary to what many post-modern "Christians" would like to claim, the Eastern religions have nothing in common with the true Christian faith and any person that teaches otherwise should quickly repent of their error! Beth Moore makes multiple claims that she hears directly from God and since she does not provide further clarification, I can only assume that Beth Moore believes she has some sort of direct, audible connection to the God of the universe. I could go on, but I will instead direct you to the Watchman's following posts:

Beth Moore's Bad Teachings
Beth Moore Reprised
Beth Moore Revisited (In this post, Glenn examines Beth's DVD "Believing God." This post is a must-read!)
Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" (Here, Moore's book "Breaking Free" is reviewed and challenged. Also a must-read!)
Where is Pastoral Discernment? (This post does not focus solely on Beth Moore, but questions the lack of discernment by today's pastors and church leaders. Countless churches promote the false teachings of Beth Moore...are the pastors really that lacking in discernment? Or are they too busy and/or too trusting to take the time to examine something before they endorse it, relying instead on the popularity of a book or author?)
Beth Moore Followers - And Other Angry Commenters (An example of the accusations I was speaking of in my previous post, Why I Do What I Do)

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