22 November 2009

Top Ten Thanks

  1. I am thankful for the great hymn writers of the past who understood that song and doctrine didn't have to be separate!
  2. I am thankful for [slightly unhealthy] dinners out with Dad, and for the memories he shares!
  3. I am thankful for crisp, morning runs spent with God in His creation!
  4. I am thankful for the smile God gives me on every one of those runs; yesterday's was a squirrel running in front of me with a mouthful of leaves for his nest!
  5. I am thankful that I can come before God daily with only Christ as my mediator.
  6. I am thankful for answered prayers.
  7. I am thankful for moments of sadness when missing my grandparents, because it reminds me that I will see them again very soon!
  8. I am thankful for whoever invented the camera so we can capture memories!
  9. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit convicts.
  10. I am thankful that God has given me another day on this Earth to proclaim His glory!

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