06 November 2009

Shocking Youth Message

Have you heard Paul Washer's "Shocking Youth Message" yet? If so, here's a little background behind how it came to be:

If you haven't yet heard this message, I highly suggest listening to it! And if you have teenagers or kids, I suggest that you ask them to listen to it as well. Preached back in 2002, Paul Washer speaks a difficult and painful truth that all young people need to hear. He opens their eyes (and the eyes of all listening) to the fact that we cannot reconcile our walk with Christ and our walk with the world. We MUST choose. In the life of a teenager, choosing Christ can be a most difficult thing, because it means ridicule and shunning by their peers. I pray that you can talk to your children and help them to understand that it's better to be "unpopular" by the world's standards and to be righteous in the eyes of God than it is to bask in the earthly, temporary glow of worldly popularity. To be friends with the world is to be enemies with God (James 4:4). Do your children understand that sacrificing a relationship with Christ just to be "cool" could mean their eternity? I wonder how popular they will be in the fires of Hell...

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