15 November 2009

Alpha Exposed: Part 3

I apologize that it's taken so long for me to produce Part 3 of this series of articles. I've been distracted and, quite honestly, wasn't sure how to go about presenting the multiple dangerous ties of friendship that Nicky Gumbel possesses. Even as I type this, I'm not sure where God will take the following paragraphs! My only motive is to expose Gumbel as one who maintains relationships with many men who should be considered quite questionable individuals, at least by any Bible-believing Christian. Without going into detail about any of the following men, please consider the following connections between Nicky Gumbel and:

  • Tony Blair. This man, a recent Catholic convert, is quite possibly the world's greatest proponent of globalism today. Through the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, he is striving not only for a world religion, but also world government, and world peace (hello, Bible prophecy!). You can see a recent interview Gumbel did with Blair here. Interestingly, Blair is being heavily touted as the front runner to become the first permanent president of the EU. That decision will be made this week, on November 19.
  • Rick Warren. "America's [apostate] Pastor" has heavily endorsed Gumbel's Alpha Course. Also interesting? Warren holds a seat on the Religious Advisory Council for Blair's Faith Foundation (a council that is made up of multiple religions, further proving that global religion is the goal!).
  • Bill Hybels. We all know how I feel about Bill Hybels and his seeker-sensitive Willow Creek Church! Remember, I speak from personal experience when it comes to Willow Creek and I can say with certainty that it is a church focused on the social gospel, not the Lord's gospel. There is no conviction coming from the pulpit. In fact, there is no pulpit! There is a stage and they put on a show. That's it. Hybels offers his praise to the deceptive course in saying, "Alpha is one of the best known evangelistic programs in the world.  I don't think anyone rejoices more in its effectiveness than I do." Online Source.
  • Tony Campolo. Oh, where do I begin?! I'll keep this brief and say that Campolo is one of the leaders of the Emerging Church movement. You can find multiple articles about him at Apprising Ministries. Campolo says about Alpha, "The Alpha Course is intelligent, biblically based, and incredibly interesting....For the inquiring mind, there is nothing better around the world than the Alpha course." Online Source. Now, if Tony Campolo thinks that the Alpha Course is Biblically based, then we have a problem, because Campolo himself has difficulty properly understand God's Word!
  • Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. His words about Alpha? "What Alpha has to offer is a unique mixture of Christian content and Christian style.  I recommend it...as a very special tool of evangelism." Online Source. What does this even mean? "Christian content and Christian style?" Remember, Williams is an Anglican bishop...hopefully that will clear things up! Oh, and Williams is also a buddy of Blair and his Faith Foundation.
  • Joel Hunter. Ah, yes, Joel Hunter. He leads a mega church in the Orlando area, Northland, A Church Distributed. You can read more about Northland's efforts with Alpha in my article, Alpha Exposed: Part 2b. The 2009 Alpha National Conference was held at Northland. But why does any of this matter? Joel Hunter is considered one of Barack Obama's "Faith Leaders"! Well, we're sitting under the most anti-Christian administration in our country's history, so apparently Hunter isn't having much influence. Or, could it be that Hunter is just as liberal in his values as our president? This article indicates that Hunter, among other things, holds little if any pro-life view. Forgive me, but I desperately fail to see how one can claim to be a Christian and not uphold the sanctity of an innocent unborn human life. Hunter is even such a friend of liberals that he was invited to give the prayer at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. So tell me, if Gumbel decided to hold his national Alpha Conference at Hunter's church, doesn't one naturally assume that the two men share similar ideals and beliefs? Yeah, I thought so... 
I'm sure that, given more time, I could provide more names that would cause discomfort and unease. Among these already listed, do not forget that the Catholic Church heavily praises and uses the Alpha Course. There even exists a specially designed Catholic Alpha Course! If the Catholic Church is in agreement with something that claims to be Christian, then we have to seriously question the validity of that Christian claim! Catholicism is a religion of works and idolatry and does not preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. For Catholics to embrace Alpha, it must be very non-threatening to their beliefs, and that means that Alpha is failing to properly proclaim the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins! But what do Catholics believe in? Besides salvation by works, they hold to many mystical beliefs and practices. (For example, this paragraph in the Catholic Catechism encouraging contemplative, meditative prayer.) We've seen from Alpha Exposed: Part 1 that the Alpha Course is deeply rooted in dangerous, even demonic, mystical forces, so the jump to Catholicism is not that far.

Finally, let me acknowledge that I have taken the time to listen to some of Gumbel's "sermons" that he has preached at Holy Trinity Brompton. While he failed to quote the Bible more than once or twice (and then took Scripture grossly out of context), he found time to often quotemen like Emergent Church leader Rob Bell and, even better, found multiple instances where he could quote Barack Obama. Gumbel preaches a social gospel and fails to preach the TRUE gospel. Are Christians called to feed the poor, etc? Absolutely. But if I fail to also share the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected for the forgiveness of sins, then all I have done is helped send someone to Hell with a full stomach. Our first call as Christians is not to end poverty, sickness, "global warming" and the like. Our first duty as Christians is to proclaim the Gospel. And I fear that Nicky Gumbel has misunderstood that call.

In the end, all false teachings are interconnected in one big deceptive web. One of the biggest connectors is the practice of contemplative prayer, encouraging people to empty their minds and respond to their emotions and the supposed voice of God that they may hear. This is the perfect opportunity for the Enemy and his minions to enter in and take over. For further illustration, see the picture below. It can also be accessed within the Bayith Ministries article, The Dragnet Behind Alpha, Vineyard, ‘Purpose-Driven’, ‘Toronto’ etc.

I hope that, if nothing else I've raised a bit of a red flag for you concerning the Alpha Course and Nicky Gumbel. Sure, it sounds good. What could be better than a non-threatening, easy-going approach to the Gospel? But we must be so discerning! We must test everything against Scripture! Sadly, nowadays, we must test our churches, their sermons, their leaders, their activities, more than ever before. Liberal, unoffensive Christianity is rapidly replacing the Truth. Follow the example of Jesus and point fingers where you know the Gospel is being twisted. Speak boldly against forces of darkness disguised as angels of light! And pray, dear brothers and sisters! Pray for courage, for wisdom, and for discernment. Above all else pray for protection in these last days. And keep looking up, for our redemption draweth nigh!

But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. Luke 21:28 (NASB)


  1. all 3 articles are well written EBenz.

    I've honestly never heard of the term "Alpha" before. But I've seen all the false teachings you've described surfacing with all the same false teachers again and again emphasing feelings, experiences, hearing the voice of God, failing to preach the Gospel etc all counterfeiting the Holy Spirit.

    Now we have people like Beth Moore, and John Piper

    thanks for sharing and for your love for Jesus Christ in hopes that people will read your article and be saved.
    All glory and honor to the Lord!

  2. Thank you for living for the Lord! It is great to hear a sister gifted in discernment. We really need it!


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