13 October 2009

God Sightings?

Read the article below from Christian Newswire and tell me if anyone else smells that familiar stench of apostasy. God Sightings? What is a God Sighting? And why do I need to "experience God in a refreshing and non-traditional way?" Is it because God just isn't fitting in with the feeble little picture I have of him? Is it because God isn't doing what I think He should be doing? Is it because that silly old "traditional" God is so archaic, outdated, and well, quite frankly, uncool? Is it because God doesn't always make me feel warm and fuzzy and at peace with the world, especially when He's *gasp* convicting me of my sin? Oh yes, we all need a good God Sighting to perk up our spiritual stupor.

God Sightings Helps Christians to See God as Present and Active in Their Everyday Lives

Contact: Audra Jennings, The B&B Media Group, 800-927-0517 ext 104, ajennings@tbbmedia.com

DALLAS, Oct. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- People are suggesting that they want more of God and less of the stuff that gets between them and their relationship with God. A recent Barna study revealed that 75% of Christians polled say they sense that "God is motivating people to stay [spiritually] connected but in different ways and through different types of experiences than in the past."

Group Publishing and Tyndale House Publishers have heeded that call and joined together to provide a unique, interactive Bible reading experience called God SightingsTM where people can experience God in a refreshing and non-traditional way. For the first time ever, the complete tools needed to make the pages of Scripture come alive and see God manifested in everyday life and events are now available. By reading God Sightings: The One Year Bible and God Sightings: The One Year Companion Guide, whether in book form or online, users will become participants in something so profoundly simple and powerful that it changes their lives. Through the first-of-its-kind free website, www.MyGodSightings.com, users will encounter something that is already out there but is often missed: God's expressed love in the lives and circumstances of others. Materials for God Sightings are available for individuals to use alone, with groups, as a church-wide campaign or even in online communities.

By using the God Sightings website, groups or individuals can publicly or privately share their thoughts about Scripture and captured "God Sightings" with other people anywhere in the world at any time. The private online community also offers a unique opportunity for groups or families separated by distance or time to look for God together. It is ideal for military spouses separated by war, parents whose children are in college in another city or distant friends who want to stay in touch. It's a chance to witness and share God's presence even when separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.

The God Sightings products include The One Year Bible (New Living Translation or New International Version ), The One Year Companion Guide, The One Year Small Group Leader Guide, and The One Year Launch Kit for Pastors and Ministry Leaders.


I guess I'm just strange because I'm perfectly okay with the way that God has been revealing Himself for the past few thousand years. I know what you're thinking...when will I finally give in and seek out this hip, feel-good, postmodern god? Well, as soon as I get an urge to worship a false idol, I'll be right there to jump on the God Sighting bandwagon. In the meantime, I'll stick with the God of the Bible.

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