30 October 2009

Another Oxymoron: Christian Self-Help?

Christian Self-Help? Please tell me they're joking! Spirit Thinking? Where is that in the Bible? And the New Age Movement continues to permeate Christian thought...

From Christian Newswire:

Study Says Spirit Thinking Renews Hope for Effective Christian Self Help
Contact: Reece Manley, 214-206-1607, info@advocateusa.net
MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM's Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide to an Enlightened Life has earned endorsement of effectiveness from a TRI consumer reaction study. TRI is an independent consumer research firm hired by the author to follow a group of readers' reactions.

After reading Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide to Enlightenment®, exams were given to the readers to judge levels of depression, anxiety and perception of self worth. Of the group, 96% showed improvement from the pre-study levels. "It's a boon for Christian self help, or, more specifically, for Spirit Thinking's approach to combining cognitive psychology with specific spiritual principles," says Craig Williams, PhD.

"I knew Spirit Thinking® would make an impact," says the author. "I have had 15 years in the counseling professions and only changed my approach to therapy styles when I had a near death experience. This experience forced me to think about spirituality and how integral it must become in self help and other mental health services. Spirit Thinking is the first work I'm offering with Spiritual Recovery: Seven Steps to Freedom coming soon."

A release from Advocate USA Publishing adds, "We are always looking for authors who make a true difference. It is fantastic to have Dr. Manley's Spirit Thinking receive this kind of recognition. We have submitted the work to the American Psychiatric Association and we look forward to their review."
Interested readers may find more information at www.SpiritThinking.net and interested parties may write to info@advocateusa.net or call 1-800-936-0812.

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