11 September 2009

New Age Infiltrates Workplace

As I type this, I am on a conference call for an optional "training" at work entitled "Wellness for the Road Warrior." What are they teaching us? Meditation. Why is this dangerous? Those not grounded in Scripture, those who aren't aware of the dangers of "emptying your mind" and focusing on "one sound, one image, one word" will find themselves drawn into a position where they have emptied and opened their minds to be attacked and even infiltrated by evil spirits. This is a perfect example of how New Age teachings and belief are creeping into every corner of this world.

The minute I heard this guy say "holistic" I knew we were in trouble. To be honest though, I anticipated this type of content. That's actually why I even bothered wasting an hour of my life with this meeting! The speaker was Dr. Jonathan Spero, the CEO and President of InHouse Physicians and while he seems to be a perfectly nice guy, I was less than impressed with his tips for staying well in the business world. Dr. Spero himself meditates every morning; it's part of his morning "ritual." And yes, he advised us to create our own "rituals." Sorry, doc, but something about the term "ritual" doesn't sit right with me.

Leaders of the New Age Movement are very much aware of their intentional shift into the business world. The New Age Journal states: "An unconventional new breed of consultant has surfaced on the corporate lecture circuit. They speak of meditation, energy flow and tapping into the unused potential of the mind."

In his book, "For Many Shall Come in My Name," author Ray Yungen says the following:
"Once, while attending a New Age convention, I was told by one of these new breeds that resistance to New Age concepts in business was being replaced by a new openness. 'How you focus it is all important,' he began, and then added: "If you barge in with occult lingo it turns them off right away. You have to tell them how you can make their employees happier and get more productivity out of them--then they will listen. You are really teaching metaphysics, but you present it as human development."

Disturbing? I thought so when I read that. Even more disturbing after this seminar. Dr. Spero spoke of "focusing" and how that will aid in our productivity and help us be better employees. So what we see is that these instructors use corporate lingo, but New Age ideas lie not far beneath the surface.

We all know that breathing exercises are at the core of so-called meditation. This is when you supposedly focus on your breathing. In. And out. In. And out. Empty your mind from frets and worries. In. And out. So what did Dr. Spero have all of us attendees do within the first 5 minutes of his presentation? You guessed it, breathing exercises. Supposedly this relaxes you. Personally, it would drive me crazy to sit and contemplate my naval for 15 minutes. But this use of mantra meditation is common in these programs.

Yungen explains further, "Many of these programs have metaphysical motives within them. One such wellness expert promoting total health explained how she was able to teach mantra meditation to a group of businessmen: 'Just yesterday I met with a whole room of executives for breakfast-top executives in a huge multinational company...Here were these executives closing their eyes and breathing deeply into their abdomens, and quieting their mind by repeating just one word-relax, relax.'"

Like I said, I anticipated that this would be the crux of this presentation. How did I know? The term "wellness." This is a huge tip-off term, especially in the corporate world. It moves beyond just being healthy to nurturing the whole person, physical, emotional, spiritual. My opinion is that my employer needs to stay out of my emotional and spiritual life (unless of course you're in ministry). Why bother infiltrating the corporate world? Ray Yungen explains: "New Agers know that if they can transform business, they will have transformed the world. The reason for this is that business and government feed into each other, so to speak. [...] The two cultures are profoundly intertwined. If the corporate world goes New Age (as we see it doing) the world of government isn't far behind."

If you think I'm paranoid, I challenge you to keep your ears and eyes open in your own place of business. Just please, please, keep your mind engaged on the things of God! Satan is busy, but we Christians, with our armor of God have nothing to fear as we face him and fight!

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