03 September 2009

Partying for Jesus?

As if the man-made "spiritual disciplines" weren't already dangerous enough in all their mysticism, now some lesser-known "everyday" Emergents have decided that partying is also a spiritual discipline. Did you know that "everywhere that Jesus went there was a party"? Yeah, I guess I missed that in my Bible. Maybe I need to buy The Message. Wow, I totally misinterpreted that whole crucifixion thing. I mean, Jesus was there, so I guess it was a party, right? ARGH! Here's my favorite paragraph from this "article":

each time we are together for one of these celebrations somehow we are celebrating God’s movement in our lives and the lives of others. they are sacred spaces—no matter how fancy or unintentional—a set-apart time to say “God, we know you are at work somehow and we are thankful.” whenever i leave a celebration i always leave a little more full, a little more inspired, and somehow more mindful of my own life and what God is up to in it.

Hm. I don't know about you, but I'm going to have to disagree. I think I can safely say that there are quite a few parties going on out there where neither the hosts nor the attendees are even thinking about God unless they're devising new ways to defy Him! Can parties or get-togethers be a fun way for Christians to gather together in fellowship? Absolutely. Should this be considered a spiritual discipline? Absolutely not. Once again, we are desperately trying to twist our faith to accommodate our world rather than radically altering our world to accommodate our faith. Hey, anything to make God more relevant and appealing, right? It's so baffling to me that salvation from an eternity in Hell isn't appealing enough!

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