24 August 2009

Shopping for Heresy

Oh boy, the latest CBD (Christian Book Distributors) catalog came in the mail today! I've already flipped through it and, as usual, it's a catalog of heresy:

Page 3: Beth Moore
Yes, the whole page is dedicated to Beth Moore and her gushy, contemplative "resources." Hm, let me see...I think I'll put her "Praying God's Word Prayer Cards" on my Christmas list.

Page 4 & 5: Marriage and Family Favorites
Ah, yes, who can forget that old-time family favorite "Crazy Good Sex"? Why, it's almost as practical as "Intended for Pleasure" (I couldn't copy a picture for this one but even better; CBD links to an excerpt!) Nothing says great dinner conversation with the family more than these "Christian" reads.

Page 11: Favorite Authors
The saddest thing about the "Favorite Authors" section is that it is littered with Emergents and Contemplatives. What made me sick about Page 11 was that two of Joel Rosenberg's works were sitting side-by-side with two of the fire-starters of the contemplative spirituality movement.
Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline" can sadly be found in many church bookstores and, sadder still, on the bookshelf of many a talented pastor. What people fail to realize is that this book teaches not just the necessary "disciplines" of prayer, worship, time in the Word, etc. But it also teaches and encourages meditation (of eastern mystical beginnings) as a way to connect with God. Sorry, but my Bible doesn't tell a story about Jesus "meditating" and emptying his mind in order to be filled with a higher knowledge and awareness. Steer clear of this book! For more information on the deception of Foster's "Disciplines" read this commentary by Pastor Bob DeWaay.

Right below Foster's heresy is "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby. More "step by step" tips for a "deeper fellowship" with God. Whew! I'm so glad I found this book--silly me, I've been reading the Bible all this time!

Page 15: The one redeeming, fully Christian page in the catalog! A full page dedicated to John MacArthur resources! It was like a breath of fresh air. Or, to be more appropriate, it was like finding a "gospel nugget" in the middle of a blubbering "purpose-driven" sermon!

(I highly recommend this book! And it's currently selling for a great price.)

But wait, turn the page...

Page 17: Rick Warren and Saddleback Church
ARGH!! Have you ever noticed the "___ Easy Steps" or "___ Days to a better ___" tactic of purpose-driven preachers?

Page 27: Amplified, The Message, and NLT Bibles.
Oh goody! An entire 2/3 of a page dedicated to heretical translations of the Bible! In case you weren't aware, you may want to stay away from the NLT translation and you DEFINITELY need to step FAR away from The Message!

Page 51: Favorite Authors (yes, there's more)
This is probably my favorite page because it's where I find my favorite relevant hip heretic: Rob Bell. Hooray, the Nooma videos are all on sale! Now I can really saturate myself with false teaching in my very own home!

Page 53: Favorite Authors (CBD has lots of favorites, apparently)
Here we find Joyce Meyer. I'd love to offer my opinion on her but I go back to "If you don't have anything nice to say..." I can't figure out which book is my favorite, but I'm partial to "The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word." Um...secret? When did we become gnostic? Let's just look at some more of Meyer's deep, theological titles:

Page 54: Men, Women, & Youth
On this page, author and counselor Stephen Arterburn is going to tell us how to become Jesus in his book "Regret-Free Living." I don't know about you, but when I sin, I experience not just regret and remorse, but a deep grieving sadness knowing that I have sinned against my God and Savior. But maybe if I read this book I'll get over that...

Page 61: New & Hot Fiction

Need I say more?

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  1. CBD has always been seen by me as another "Christian" book store - and as with all the stores, it is full of heresy, aberrations, apostatsy and the trivializing of the faith!


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