26 August 2009

God Ain't in The Shack

"What?" you're thinking, "but my pastor preached on it and my Christian friend raved about it and it's on the front table at Family Christian Store so it must be Godly! Besides, it put me in touch with my emotions, so it must be from God."


If any of those are your arguments in defense of The Shack, or if you have any argument in defense of The Shack, let me ever-so-kindly say to you...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

As Christians, if we are reading anything except the Word of God, we have to filter that reading through the Word of God and it's obvious that The Shack hopelessly fails that test (quick example: it teaches idolatry as the main character creates his own god that he likes and can identify with in order to "connect" with [his version of] God). Remember, pastors aren't immune to being deceived. In fact, if you've read this blog at all you've hopefully realized that there are many false teachers standing in pulpits week after week leading their flock astray. As for the book's position at the front of the "Christian bookstore" well, do you really think that Satan wants to hide his tools on the back shelf? That is precisely what makes me so sad about this book (and the upcoming movie)--so many Christians and pastors and churches have been deceived. How disheartening to know that so many believers can so easily be led by emotion and a few twisted theological terms. It reveals even more how our churches are failing to emphasize the importance of being in God's Word, because that is the greatest tool and teacher for discernment. The more we are in the Word, the more easily we will see the lies, however subtle they may be. And if we pray for discernment, God will freely give it, so why are we not asking? It may be one of the more important requests we'll be making in these final days.

In my research I've come across numerous articles and interviews that offer sound Biblical critiques of The Shack. I will work on compiling them and listing them in the Are You Being Deceived? section of this site. For now however, below is a link to a sermon Michael Youssef delivered to his church a year ago because he was so burdened by the popularity of this book among professing Christians. The page offers a list of 13 heresies that can be found in The Shack, however the list is actually much longer. If you have the time and interest, I also highly suggest clicking on the additional links below the video.

Click here for "The Shack Uncovered."

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