13 June 2009


It seems that, over in Europe, a trend has slowly been developing of "de-baptism." It began with offering those who were baptized as children an opportunity to "Liberate yourself from the Original Mumbo-Jumbo that liberated you from the Original Sin you never had". Well, not that it matters, but I'm sure those individuals would have been happy to know that their infant baptism in no way assured them of salvation or forgiveness, but was merely a religious ritual performed by their parents. But now the movement has progressed and even gave way to a "De-Baptism Day" in Italy last fall. Granted, most of this is in protest to the Catholic church and the Church of England--two institutions that have lost God's favor, if they ever even had it in the first place. Is that to say that every member of either of these "churches" is lost? No. But when faced with constant apostate and aberrant teaching, it is hard to imagine many having come to a true faith in Christ. The good news for all those who seek to be "de-baptized?" If you can turn your back so quickly and reject God Almighty, then you never really were a member of His family. So don't worry, "de-baptism" certificate or not, He'll be sure that you're NOT invited to the reunion.

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