24 July 2015

This 'n' That

This picture has nothing to do with anything,
but I love its randomness.
Well, another week has come and gone. A lot has happened in the world in that time, and no doubt much has happened in your own life as well. Today marks a bittersweet day for me. I'll explain in more detail next week, but for now, let's just say that the following things have characterized the past 7 days for me: smashed finger, thunderstorms, turkey chili, fellowship, fantastic sermons, extended deadlines, biblical theology, Genesis through Revelation, sorbet, coyote, Calvinism vs. Arminianism, chauvinism, feminism, friendship, wisdom, knowledge, thankfulness.

Whew! It's been a busy few days, as I'm sure it has been for you. But Friday is finally here, the weekend is rapidly approaching, and it's time to get to the good stuff. So, without any further ado, here's your week in review (kind of):

18 July 2015

Equipping Eve: Expect the World to Act Like the World

Christians should not be surprised by the legalization of homosexual marriage in America, but how should they respond? Is this a time to call for political activism and to find oneself in despair, or is there a more biblical response to a society that continues to increase in its hostility to the things of God?

Click here to listen to this latest episode of Equipping Eve.

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Opportunities for Truth: Post-Conference Reflections from Pastor Don Green

From July 10-12, 2015, Pastor Don Green of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, OH, hosted a conference on the theme The Bible and Homosexuality: Calling the Church to Courageous Confidence in Christ.

A pre-conference interview with Pastor Green was posted here at DNBS, and audio links to all five messages can be found here.

With the conference now in the past, but this issue still at the forefront of the minds of many, it seemed appropriate to follow-up with Pastor Green and ask for some post-conference reflections. That interview is posted below.

17 July 2015

This 'n' That

It feels like an anecdotal "fun fact"kind of day, so here are a few for your Friday.

Fun fact #1: Krispy Kreme starts making fresh batches of their original glazed donuts at 6 AM. So if you stop by at 4:45 AM, you will be stuck with last night's glazed or whatever assorted donuts they may have available. Of course, if you are needing donuts that early in the morning, you probably aren't going to be overly picky about when they were made, so long as it was sometime in the last 4 to 6 hours.

Fun fact #2: Few things are as sadistically satisfying as spraying a spider with hairspray and watching it die a slow, paralyzing death.

Fun fact #3: A mixture of warm water, apple cider vinegar, honey, and cayenne pepper may have a bit of a bite, but it will burn a sore throat and cold right out of your head.

Fun fact #4: It is Friday. That means it is time for your week in review (kind of):

Audio Links: The Bible and Homosexuality Conference

This weekend, July 10-12 2015, Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, OH, is holding the conference The Bible and Homosexuality: Calling the Church to Courageous Confidence in Christ. Audio is already available for the first session, which was entitled "Refuting 5 Myths on Homosexuality," and the link is posted below.

This post will be updated as audio for additional sessions becomes available.

Refuting 5 Myths About Homosexuality
Why Is Homosexuality Wrong?
Scripture, Shellfish, and Homosexual Sin
Addressing the Heart of Same-Sex Attraction
The Future of the Church and Homosexuality

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10 July 2015

This 'n' That

I like to think I'm pretty strong. In fact, I am fairly strong. But when it comes right down to it, most (yes, I said most) men are stronger. This was made abundantly clear to me this week when the teenage neighbor boy helped me move a rather large, extremely heavy piece of furniture. Here he is, not even able to drive yet, and he lifted it with no problem, allowing me to lift the other end as if it were merely a light box.

What's my point? God made men and women differently. It cannot be denied, and if someone attempts to deny it, well, please don't listen to anything they say about anything else because clearly they do not live in reality. Men and women were designed to be different—to be complementary—and that's okay. And it is why attempting to usurp God's ordained design will only ever end in difficulty.

It seems so simple, really, this difference between men and women. And yet the world does not see it, or rather, lives in blissful self-imposed blindness. So what do we do? Just be faithful, Christian. Be faithful to your God and you will be blessed.

Speaking of blessing, it's that time of the week again. Time to enjoy your week in review (kind of):

06 July 2015

The Bible and Homosexuality: A Q&A with Pastor Don Green

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) attempted to redefine marriage, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in all states. Biblical Christians are understandably upset and disturbed, knowing what the decision may eventually mean for their religious liberties in this country. There are three key things to remember, however: First, God is the One who instituted marriage in Genesis. He is the only One who defines true marriage. Second, God is sovereign, omniscient, and has ordained all things that come to pass. Rest assured that God was not surprised by the June 26 ruling, nor is He wringing His hands over what to do next. Finally, dear Christian, please remember that this world is not your home. Keep your eyes fixed and focused on the One whom you serve, the One who saved your soul, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The response of Christians to the SCOTUS ruling has been varied. How should Christians react to this? More generally, how ought Christians deal with the issue of homosexuality? What does it mean for evangelism and gospel proclamation? Is the biblical approach to this particular sin limited to quoting Leviticus and Romans 1?

Pastor Don Green of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, decided that the June 26 ruling presented the ideal opportunity to address these and other questions. From July 10 to July 12, 2015, his church will hold a conference entitled, "The Bible and Homosexuality: Calling the Church to Courageous Confidence in Christ." Pastor Green will speak on the following topics:
  • Refuting Five Myths on Homosexuality
  • Why Is Homosexuality Wrong?
  • Addressing the Heart of Same-Sex Attraction
  • Scripture, Shellfish, and Homosexuality
  • The Future of the Church and Homosexuality
In anticipation of that conference, Pastor Green graciously agreed to answer a few questions for DNBS. It is my hope that this brief Q&A will pique your interest and encourage you to either attend the conference in person, or tune in for the live stream.